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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Chesterfield County 

Riding a motorcycle in Chesterfield County is an exciting yet risky activity. Motorcyclists are unprotected compared to other drivers, and the careless actions of another motorist can result in accidents that inflict severe injuries. If another's negligence caused your motorcycle crash, you may have grounds to pursue compensation for your losses.

A Chesterfield County motorcycle accident lawyer can help you hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions. A seasoned personal injury attorney can explain the laws applicable to biker/driver interactions, measure your losses, and build persuasive cases against defendant drivers.

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How Motorcycle Collisions May Happen

Motorcycles are inherently unstable vehicles. Any sudden need to slam on the brakes or make a swerving turn can cause a rider to lose control. As a result, a defendant driver who forces a biker to take these evasive actions may be at fault for an accident even if they do not make contact with the motorcycle.

Direct collisions are also a major source of accidents. Drivers who tailgate, do not check blind spots before changing lanes, or who text while driving place motorcyclists at severe risk of harm. Proof that a defendant received a ticket for breaking a rule of the road can be valuable evidence in motorcycle accident cases.

What is Contributory Negligence?

Even if the defendant driver's fault seems clear, plaintiffs in motorcycle accident claims need to be cautious. Civil injury claims in the Commonwealth use the concept of contributory negligence when assigning blame for accidents. This means that if a jury believes a plaintiff shares even the smallest amount of blame for an accident, it cannot award any compensation. A Chesterfield County motorcycle accident attorney can take steps to both prove defendant negligence and also defend a biker's actions prior to the incident.

Impact of a Motorcycle Crash on a Plaintiff's Life

It is no secret that motorcycle accidents can lead to life-changing physical injuries. These can include separated joints, severe cuts and scrapes, broken bones, and brain damage. However, the full extent of a victim's losses can extend far beyond the physical damage.

The goal of a seasoned lawyer and a motorcycle accident claim is to place the injured biker in the same position that they would have been in had the incident never occurred. This means that plaintiffs must measure the total impact of the incident on their lives. For example, many plaintiffs lose significant income when an accident forces them to miss work. More extensive injuries may leave a rider with permanent injuries that prevent them from ever working again.

Are Damages Only for Physical Injuries?

Emotional trauma can also play a major role in claims for damages. If a rider now suffers pain due to a physical injury, is experiencing nightmares, or has sought mental health counseling following the accident, the plaintiff can seek compensation for these losses in quality of life. A Chesterfield County motorcycle crash lawyer can help people to pursue their claims for their full value.

Discover How a Chesterfield County Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

Many motorists in Chesterfield do not give bikers the respect that they deserve on the road. Despite traffic laws that require drivers to treat motorcycles as though they were full-size cars, many drivers fail to check blind spots or refuse to yield to passing bikers.

This results in a high frequency of motorcycle accidents in Chesterfield County. Even worse, these incidents tend to inflict severe injuries on bikers that can leave a permanent mark on their physical health, their finances, and their mental wellbeing.

A Chesterfield County motorcycle accident lawyer can help you pursue justice. They can evaluate your losses, gather evidence of defendant negligence, and press your claim within the limits of Commonwealth laws. Call today to schedule a case review.

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