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How to Apply for Workers' Compensation in Chesterfield County

Workers' Compensation in Chesterfield County: How to Apply

Workers' compensation benefits are available to many Chesterfield County employees in the event of a workplace accident. However, seeking out and receiving benefits can sometimes be a difficult task. Even individuals who qualify can sometimes have their initial claims denied. To maximize the chance of success, it is important for Chesterfield County workers to understand how to apply for workers' compensation and comply with all requirements.

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Workers' Compensation Filing Requirements in Chesterfield County

To file for workers' compensation, the injured person must first fill out a claim for benefits form. This form asks for basic information like their name, address, and phone number, as well as contact information for their employer. The form also asks where the accident happened, how it happened, their pre-injury average weekly wage, and detailed questions about the type of benefits they are seeking.

For example, they may seek compensation for total lost wages, partial lost wages, permanent partial disability benefits, unpaid medical bills, mileage, and prescription costs. There is also a blank section where they can write specific descriptions of benefits they seek that do not fall into those categories.

Does the Claimant Need to Provide Bills and Receipts?

An important part of seeking benefits is providing thorough documentation of the injuries and resulting expenses. For example, if someone is filing a claim for unpaid medical bills, they should attach a copy of those bills. If they seek reimbursement for travel mileage or prescription drug benefits, they should attach a mileage log or pharmacy receipt.

What Are Some Common Obstacles and Complications?

It is difficult for some people in Chesterfield County to seek workers' compensation benefits since the forms are all online. If someone does not have access to a computer, they are required to fill out the form by hand and mail or fax it in or make a visit the Workers' Compensation Commission. Even if they do have access to a computer, they will need to attach copies of medical bills and receipts to their claim, and that can be difficult without a scanner. It is also difficult for some people to understand the claim form because its wording can be complex.

Additionally, for many people in need of workers' compensation benefits, it is their first experience with a workplace injury. They have never gone through this process before, and trying to navigate complex forms and compile medical records can feel overwhelming. For this reason, many jobsite injury victims choose to retain legal counsel.

The Benefit of a Lawyer

An experienced workers' comp attorney can help save the injured person time and reduce their stress. Lawyers take on the task of gathering the documentation and filling out the paperwork, leaving the injured person to relax and focus on their health. Because workers' compensation attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience with this area of law, they are often in the best position to present a strong claim for benefits.

Let a Chesterfield County Attorney Help You Apply for Benefits

Applying for workers' compensation benefits in Chesterfield County does not have to be a stressful experience. A knowledgeable attorney could gather the necessary documentation, fill out the forms, and file the claim on your behalf. To learn more about how an attorney can help in your situation, call today.

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