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Colonial Heights Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Colonial Heights

Many jobs come with risks, whether it is heavy or dangerous machinery, or it involves the use of harsh chemicals. Yet even low-risk jobs have the potential to cause some sort of harm to a worker. There is a unique method of recovering damages due to a work-related task that is known as workers' compensation.

A compassionate personal injury attorney can be your legal advocate as you attempt to seek justice for any injuries or losses you suffered as a part of the workforce. A Colonial Heights workers' compensation lawyer knows how to navigate the system and fight for your rights.

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What is Workers' Compensation?

Workers' compensation is a statewide law that applies whenever somebody is injured while performing work-related tasks. There are additional losses that are covered besides typical physical injuries, including occupational disease, vision issues, and other specific conditions such as pneumoconiosis or byssinosis. Only reasonable and necessary medical care is to be compensated for.

A person can qualify for workers' comp after any injuries that they sustained through employment that are covered in workers' compensation laws. These include slip and falls, lifting accidents, motor vehicle accidents, or an occupational disease that might arise out of their working conditions. A local workers' comp lawyer can help a plaintiff determine which losses could be covered under the policy.

Workers' Compensation Benefits Available

Workers' Compensation benefits comprise three general categories. The first is medical treatment. The insurer would be responsible for all of the injured worker's medical treatment that was related to the work injury. The second part is wage loss benefits. This compensates an employee if they cannot work, or if they return to the job under “light duty” and are not making as much money as they previously did.

The third area is permanent or partial disability benefits. If the worker receives injuries to their extremities, or suffers from vision or hearing loss, those losses can also be covered. Other smaller benefits may be available in certain situations, such as vehicle mileage reimbursement, or any other expenses that the person made in connection with their job.

How Does Workers' Comp Differ from Other Personal Injury Cases?

Workers' comp is an administrative law. It is not filed in a regular court and it must be filed in the court known as the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission. There are different procedural and evidentiary requirements for workers' compensation. Another big difference is that workers' compensation cases tend to run much faster than personal injury cases, usually less than a year.

Federal employees operate under a completely different set of laws compared to workers' comp injuries for non-federal employees. Non-federal workers in the state of Virginia would have their case heard by the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission. The Commission has various offices and hearing locations throughout the state, but somebody in Colonial Heights would likely end up having their case heard in Richmond.

How a Legal Professional Can Help

A Colonial Heights workers' compensation attorney can provide numerous benefits in pursuit of a claim, such as filing the claim and determining what benefits an injured person might be eligible for. An attorney can help a claimant from the beginning of the process to the end. They can communicate with the insurance company and take the lead during a hearing to ensure that the plaintiff has the best possible chance of recovering compensation. Attorneys also have experience in gathering the right pieces of evidence, including medical records and accident reports. In addition, they can keep in constant communication with the plaintiff for legal advice or general support. It is important to keep open a constant line of communication.

Seek Justice with a Colonial Heights Workers' Compensation Attorney

Employers have a responsibility to keep their work environments safe, especially when it involves vehicles or machines that carry a high risk of danger. If you believe you were injured due to potential negligence at your place of employment, hire a Colonial Heights workers' compensation lawyer to handle your case. You deserve to be compensated for an accident that occurred outside of your control.

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