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Applying for a Workers' Compensation Claim in Colonial Heights

Colonial Heights: Applying for a Workers' Compensation Claim 

Injuries that arise out of accidents at work can lead to a slightly different compensation format than with other types of personal injury. Applying for a workers' compensation claim in Colonial Heights is not difficult but could still benefit from help from a seasoned workers' comp attorney. It is important to make sure all relevant facts are included in the application process in order to ensure a smooth and quick process.

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What is Required to File for Workers' Comp Claim?

There are several different ways that somebody can file for benefits but the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission (VWCC) is not rigid in how the claim is filed. Claimants may choose to file a claim by writing a letter to the VWCC or they can use the form that the Commission provides.

If writing a letter to the VWCC, the claimant only needs to indicate which parts of their body were injured and what benefits they are seeking. The Commission's pre-made form asks about this information as well, and can be mailed to that worker after either the insurance company or the worker notifies the Commission of the accident. It can also be downloaded through the VWCC's website.

What Information Should Be Provided on the Form?

The form asks for the worker's personal contact information as well the address and phone number of their place of employment. They also need to list what their gross weekly earnings were before their injury, the date that they were injured, where it occurred, a list of body parts that were harmed, and any benefits that they are seeking through the workers' compensation process.

Medical records will be needed to support someone's claim when applying for workers' comp benefits in Colonial Heights. A legal professional can acquire these records and send them to the Commission, prepared in such a way that it bolsters the plaintiff's case.

Potential Difficulties in Applying for Workers' Compensation

These forms are generally not difficult to fill out. However, difficulties can arise if the insurance company does not report an injury to the VWCC or if the employee does not report it within the allotted timeframe. If the injured worker does not meet the two-year statute of limitations then they may be barred from recovering damages. There are some exceptions to the two-year rule that a lawyer can clarify in a consultation. Applying for workers' compensation could be made easier with the aid of a local lawyer.

How a Lawyer Can Ease the Process

An attorney can handle all of the filings that are required and ensure they list everything necessary to achieve a maximum recovery. The lawyer can also be responsible for responding to the VWCC if it is needed.

The best resource a lawyer can provide to the case is their knowledge and prior experiences. They should know all the steps in the process, as well as which pitfalls to avoid. A worker is not going to have the nuanced knowledge of the law to be able to manage the claim without help.

The claim can be sent to the VWCC through the post office, fax, or the Commission's own online electronic system, and should include medical records that prove the injury.

Apply for a Workers' Compensation Claim in Colonial Heights with the Aid of an Attorney

Compensation may not be awarded unless a claim is filed after a work-related accident. The Virginia Workers Compensation Commission makes the process easy. A lawyer can assist you in apply for a workers' compensation claim in Colonial Heights and with arguing your case thereafter. Schedule a consultation to discuss your situation.

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