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Hanover County Bus Accident Lawyer

Bus Accident Lawyer in Hanover County 

Large buses are a common sight on Hanover County roadways and provide many people with essential transportation every day. Although we trust that they will be maintained and driven with care, accidents do happen, sometimes with terrible consequences.

Severe injuries and fatalities are unfortunately common, leaving the victims grappling with a painful recovery or financial debt. A Hanover County bus accident lawyer could help if you or a loved one have been hurt in a bus collision. An experienced personal injury attorney could guide you through the insurance claim process to help you seek compensation.

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Types of Bus Accidents

Buses serve a variety of purposes and come in a range of shapes and sizes. They deliver children to school, patrons to hotels, tourists to sight-seeing destinations, and commuters to work. Bus type can be relevant to a plaintiff's Hanover County bus accident lawsuit. It can dictate whether the at-fault party is a private entity or an extension of the government. The following is a list of bus types commonly involved in motorway accidents.

  • Tour bus or motor coach
  • Rental car
  • Hotel, airport, or other shuttle bus
  • Municipal or other public transit bus
  • Minibus
  • School bus
  • Charter bus

Cases Involving Governmental Entities

Those who have been involved in a crash with a public-use bus faces unique legal circumstances because of the doctrine of sovereign immunity. This rule protects the government from being sued except with its consent and under certain other circumstances.

The Virginia Tort Claim Act, found in Virginia Code § 8.01-195.3, allows civilians to sue the state for injuries caused by public vehicles or employees. There are instances where the conduct of a government employee responsible for the accident eliminates governmental protection.

This can be a nuanced question, subject to intense litigation. Furthermore, injured claimants should also be aware that there can be limits on a plaintiff's recovery when suing a government entity. Plaintiffs should consider consulting a Hanover county bus collision attorney to learn more about what rights they have under the law.

Time to File a Bus Accident Case

A Hanover County bus accident lawsuit plaintiff has two years under Virginia Code Section 8.01-243(A). A plaintiff must bring a lawsuit concerning personal injuries arising from a bus accident involving a public vehicle within an even shorter timeframe.

Plaintiffs seeking compensation from property damage have up to five years to bring a claim from the date of the accident under Virginia Code § 8.01-243(B). Generally, claims arising out of the same accident are brought together, so the critical deadline is the shortest limitations period. If the injured party does not file their lawsuit within the statute of limitations, they forego their legal right to hold the wrongdoer accountable.

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Recovering from serious injuries can be a massive undertaking, which can take a toll physically, emotionally, and financially. While medical expenses and household bills are piling up, you may be unable to work.

The person or entity responsible for your injuries and property damages should be held accountable for the harm done. Schedule a consultation with a Hanover County bus accident lawyer today to explore your options for financial recovery.

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