Hanover County Bad Weather Accident Lawyer

Bad Weather Accident Lawyer in Hanover County 

Hanover County two-lane rural roads are particularly susceptible to specific elements of bad weather. In the city, there are snowplows and de-icing measures, but in much of Hanover County, that is simply not done, leading to many more situations where a car can lose control.

If you were hurt in a car crash during inclement weather, filing suit against another involved party may be trickier than it typically would be, even with help from a seasoned car accident attorney. However, an experienced Hanover County bad weather accident lawyer can help you demonstrate negligence even under hazardous conditions and effectively pursue recovery for your losses.

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How Bad Weather Accidents Happen

On many of Hanover County's two-lane roads, there is little room for error. If a driver starts sliding to the lane next to them, they are sliding into oncoming traffic, often causing a catastrophic collision.

Many of the roads out in Hanover County have sharp curves and blind turns, requiring great care from drivers. An inattentive driver could come up pretty quickly on a dangerous situation like a downed tree, leaving them little time to react and making it hard to avoid an accident.

Some warning signs for increased risk of weather-related accidents include slick roads and limited visibility due to fog or rain. In wet or icy conditions, a driver in Hanover County may be unable to stop like they would if the roadway conditions were completely dry.

How Could Accidents be Prevented in Bad Weather?

In order to minimize their chances of an accident and the liability they might bear if one occurs, drivers should drive more slowly if it is snowing and their visibility is limited, or they should put off their trip altogether if it is not necessary to be on the road. Four-wheel-drive vehicles do better in snow and ice, but that does not mean that an accident cannot happen.

Pursuing Compensation after a Bad Weather Accident in Hanover County

After being in an accident involving or triggered by severe weather conditions, the initial steps an injured person should take are no different from any other accident, including contacting a Hanover County bad weather accident attorney. However, they should be aware that roadway conditions created by emergency situations may give the defendant in this case a stronger defense than they might have if roadway conditions were optimal.

How Might the Defendant Argue Against Liability?

Depending on the circumstances, a severe weather event may be seen as an intervening cause of a crash. If the roadway conditions were so poor that there really is nothing that even a prudent driver could have done to avoid the accident, that could be a very strong defense against civil liability.

However, if they can prove liability, the recoverable damages a lawyer can seek on behalf of a dangerous weather accident victim in Hanover County are the same that they might recover in any other case. Evidence that could be used to prove that weather conditions were the cause of the car accident after the condition has subsided include weather reports, witnesses who were at the scene, and reports and/or testimony from responding law enforcement officers.

What a Hanover County Bad Weather Accident Attorney Could Do

A Hanover County bad weather accident lawyer could provide crucial help to someone who is involved in an accident due to poor weather conditions. Just like they would in any other case, they could start gathering evidence, putting the case together, and anticipating what the insurance company is going to try to do as soon as they are retained. To start working on your case, call today to schedule a consultation.

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