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Calculating Settlements in Hanover County Car Accident Cases

Hanover County Car Accident Cases: Calculating Settlements 

Many cases involving accidental injury end up settling before a judge or jury is able to issue a verdict. As a result, it is often up to the plaintiff, defendant, and their respective lawyers to crunch the numbers and determine what offer could be satisfactory enough to feel that justice was served. As a result, calculating settlements is a major facet of Hanover County car accident cases.

If you were injured in a car accident and are looking for a settlement to compensate for your losses, speak to an experienced car crash attorney. They can help you calculate how much you should offer to, or accept from, the negligent party that caused your injury.

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Why Might Someone Want to Settle Rather Than Go to Trial?

An attorney can make recommendations, but the plaintiff always makes the decision to proceed to trial or not. Some of the reasons to settle rather than going to trial include:

  • Concern that the trial may yield a smaller reward than what is offered
  • Trial could be delayed
  • Trouble with securing a trial date
  • The extensive discovery process
  • The costs of going to trial, such as hiring experts
  • An urgent need for money

Someone might reject a settlement offer if it is an unfair number and they might fare better if they take it to trial.

Attorneys Can Offer Advice

At the end of the day, all settlements are voluntary. When a settlement offer is introduced, the lawyer usually confers with the plaintiff to see how they would like to proceed. The attorney would give advice as to whether they felt the settlement offer was reasonable, especially considering what a person would be likely to get at trial. They also weigh the economic cost and risk of going to trial.

Determining the Settlement Amount

The settlement amount is determined by the plaintiff and the defendant, through the use of their lawyers. The plaintiff tries to push the offer higher while the defendant tries to push the offer lower. At some point they run out of negotiating room and agree to a deal that both sides can live with.

Car accident settlements in the region are initially calculated by tallying up the medical expenses and lost wages, followed by the non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment of life. There may be some disagreement as to the value of the non-economic damages, but a skilled attorney can look to previous cases in similar circumstances to come up with an acceptable number.

What Should a Plaintiff Consider Before Accepting a Settlement?

Virginia does not allow plaintiffs to recover damages if they are deemed even partially at fault for the accident. Therefore, in a case where the plaintiff played some part in the crash, their attorney might suggest accepting a settlement or else risk losing out on an award.

When making calculations for a settlement in Hanover County, an injured person should consider what a judge or jury might think of their case, the evidence they have, and the length of time it might be pending in litigation. If time is of the essence, they might want to take a smaller amount immediately as opposed to a potentially larger amount in the future. Every case is different, and it is up to the plaintiff to decide which aspect they value most.

Learn More About Car Accident Settlement in Hanover County

There are many factors to consider when determining damages after a major accident. Additionally, there are some important variables regarding a potential trial that someone should account for when calculating a settlement in a Hanover County car accident case. Not all of these will be easily determined on your own. Seek help from a compassionate lawyer who can provide guidance in your time of need. Reach out now to learn more.

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