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Hanover County Head-On Collisions

Head-On Collisions in Hanover County 

A head-on collision occurs when a motorist departs their lane and directly impacts the front-end of another car. When they occur at high speeds, head-on collisions are some of the most serious car accidents seen in Hanover County. Victims may be left with serious injuries or even permanent disabilities. Thankfully, an experienced Hanover County attorney may be able to help.

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What Are Common Fact Patterns in Front-End Accidents?

Many head-on collisions in Hanover County are caused by drunk drivers. When a motorist is under the influence, they may have reduced judgment or coordination, causing them to veer out of their lane. These accidents can also be caused by inattention, particularly distraction due to cellphone use. Head-on collisions in Hanover County tend to occur in rural areas on two-lane roads without medians or lane-dividing structures.

The tremendous forces associated with head-on collisions makes them extremely serious. The energy carried by the two vehicles has to go somewhere, and car frames can only absorb so much. Unfortunately, this energy often passes onto the occupants of the car. These accidents can involve intrusions into the passenger compartment, which can result in neck, back, head, and brain injuries.

Determining Fault for a Head-On Collision

After a head-on collision in Hanover County, fault is usually assigned based on the placement of the cars. For example, if one vehicle drove into oncoming traffic and caused a crash, fault may be clear. In some cases, however, determining liability can be more difficult. In these situations, it can be helpful for the victim's attorney to seek out surveillance footage from nearby businesses or homes. Eyewitness testimony can also play an important role in a car accident claim, as can the report created by the responding police officers.

How Does Drunk Driving Impact a Case?

One of the main factors that can impact liability in a head-on collision case is intoxication. If one driver was drunk, it could increase liability possibly to the point of willful and wanton. Usually, contributory negligence is not a factor in this situation. Additionally, courts may see fit to award punitive damages in a drunk driving case.

Importance of Medical Treatment After a Crash

One of the most important considerations after an accident is receiving all necessary medical treatment. Head-on collisions are serious in terms of the forces involved and their impact on the body. It is critical for victims to speak to a medical professional to be fully evaluated and receive the care they need. Prompt medical attention can identify problems that may not otherwise become apparent until some time after the crash.

Additionally, records of all medical treatment can play a significant role in a victim's personal injury case. The costs of medical care can be recovered in a successful personal injury case, but doing so requires thorough documentation. It is important to have a clear patient history describing how the problem began and how treatment has progressed.

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If you were involved in a head-on collision in Hanover County, you should not have to worry about the details of your legal case while you heal. Instead, consider reaching out to a qualified attorney for assistance. With a legal professional by your side, you could seek fair compensation for your losses. Call today for a consultation.

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