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Hanover County Burn Injury Attorney

Burn Injury Attorney in Hanover County 

One of the most painful personal injuries that someone can experience is a serious burn injury. The pain that victims feel is extreme. And burn injuries don’t go away. Once the initial injury heals, there is often disfiguring scarring that will be visible for the rest of their lives. 

In some cases, people need multiple surgeries and skin grafts just to live a somewhat normal life. In serious burn injury cases, people can even lose their lives because of infection or if too much of their body was burned. 

Many incidents and accidents can cause burn injuries, and sometimes, other people are responsible for the injuries. When other people are negligent, reckless, or careless, and their actions cause someone to experience horrific pain, they should be held responsible.

The best way to ensure they are held responsible is to hire an experienced burn injury attorney who will fight for your or your loved one’s rights to be fully and fairly compensated for your injuries.

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Virginia Burn Injury Attorney Will Provide Honest Answers

If you’re suffering from painful and disabling burns that were caused by someone’s negligence, you may have many questions and not know where to turn. 

Because you can’t work, who's going to pay your bills? Who’s going to pay for your mortgage or rent? Who’s going to put food on your family’s table? These are all valid questions. 

The Hanover County burn injury lawyers at The Commonwealth Law Group are here to provide honest and compassionate answers to your questions. We have decades of experience in helping seriously injured people receive the compensation they deserve.

Not every law firm can handle complex personal injury cases like those involving significant burn injuries. Our burn injury lawyers know what it takes to fight for our clients’ rights and will use our knowledge, skill, and vast resources to hold everyone accountable. We can even take on huge corporations and insurance companies.

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Common Causes of Burn Injuries

When someone is seriously burned to the point that they have to be hospitalized, it is often the case that the incident or accident was caused by someone’s negligent behavior. There are many types of cases in which someone can be burned to the point where they need significant medical treatment like surgeries and skin grafts.

Here are some common types of cases that the burn accident lawyers see at The Commonwealth Law Group:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are a major cause of serious burn injuries. Unfortunately, cars and trucks often catch on fire after getting into a violent crash. Sometimes the vehicles will explode while the occupants are still in the vehicle. The people who caused the car accidents can be held responsible for compensating the injured.

Work-Related Accidents

Many burn accidents happen at work. Depending upon what kind of job you have, you could be exposed to an additional risk of burns. For example, some jobs have risks of chemical burns and electrical burns. Also, there are risks of explosions in many types of jobs involving gasoline, kerosene, and oil. 

Suppose the negligent act was done by a third party and not your employer or a co-employee. In that case, the third-party defendant could ultimately be held responsible for compensation above and beyond workers’ comp benefits.

Malfunctioning Products

When dangerous and malfunctioning products explode or catch fire, people can be injured. This happens more than most people realize. Any machine that uses electricity or combustive fuel (gas, oil, kerosene, alcohol) can increase the risk of fire and burn injuries.

Building and Apartment Fires

Landlords and building owners are required, by law, to provide working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for their buildings and rented apartments. In many local municipalities, the smoke detectors have to be hooked up to the building’s electrical grid but are also run by batteries. 

When landlords and building owners fail to fulfill this basic requirement and people are injured in building fires, those owners should be held responsible for the serious burn injuries they failed to prevent.

Premise Liability Incidents

In some cases, people are trapped in building fires, building collapses, explosions, and other incidents where the occupants of buildings are burned. 

The building owners and managers can be held responsible for the accidents if they failed to follow safety protocols, didn’t provide smoke detectors, didn’t provide adequate exits, or engaged in other negligent behavior. 

When this happens, the best way to recover compensation for your serious burn injuries is to hire an experienced burn accident lawyer to fight for your rights to receive compensation.

Severity of Burns

Every burn accident case is different. Some people have minor burns that can heal over a few weeks and don't leave any long-lasting scars. But in other cases, people can suffer debilitating burns over most of their bodies that require dozens of surgeries. 

These serious burn cases can cause people to suffer pain and permanent scarring for the rest of their lives.

The grades of burns are separated into severity types:

  • First-degree burns affect the outer layer of the skin
  • Second-degree burns damage the top two layers of the skin
  • Third-degree burns affect all layers of skin and the fat beneath
  • Fourth-degree burns can damage the muscles
  • Fifth-degree burns can damage the organs
  • Sixth-degree burns usually lead to death

With the higher degree of burns, victims’ lives can be turned upside down. They can have permanent disabilities that prevent them from working anymore. A burn accident lawyer is the best way to seek compensation to help with years of ongoing medical needs. 


How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Burn Injury Law Firm?

Most personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. You won’t have to pay anything upfront. Your burn injury law firm will only get paid if you receive compensation.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for My Burn Injuries?

Anyone who was negligent or careless can be held responsible for your injuries. Not only can the individual defendants be held liable, but any insurance companies that cover the incident can be forced to pay compensation. The best way to accomplish this is to hire an experienced burn accident attorney to represent you.

Will My Case Settle or Have to Go to Trial?

It’s always possible that your case will go to a trial, but most personal injury cases are settled before trial. Your burn accident attorney will be able to answer your questions about whether your case is likely to settle or go to trial.

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