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Slip and Fall Lawyer in Hanover County

Property owners have a responsibility to keep you safe. If they fail to provide a safe environment for their visitors and customers, and you suffer an injury as a result, they should be held liable.

A Hanover County slip and fall lawyer might be able to help recover damages for your injuries. Fighting for your right to relief on your own could be overwhelming, so consider reaching out to a personal injury attorney. They can evaluate your circumstance and help you build your case for recovery.

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Property Owner Liability

If the slip and fall occurred on the property of another person or company, the principal issue for the judge or jury to determine is whether the property owner is liable. In some cases, the jury finds that it was the fault of the plaintiff, and compensation is denied.

In many other cases, the property owner is held liable because the jury finds that they were negligent by allowing the dangerous condition that caused the plaintiff's injuries. A Hanover slip and fall attorney must provide evidence which demonstrates that the owner is responsible for the dangerous condition.

What is Constructive Knowledge?

An attorney can also prove the owner was liable if the owner had knowledge of the dangerous condition but failed to fix it, or if the owner had constructive knowledge. Constructive knowledge means that the owner should have known of the dangerous condition because any reasonable owner under the circumstances would have discovered it.

Limitations on Recovery for Slip and Fall Cases in Hanover County

It is common for the issue of contributory negligence to arise in slip and fall cases. Contributory negligence is a legal standard used to determine whether or not a plaintiff may seek damages if it is found they contributed to the cause of their own injury. Virginia follows the pure contributory negligence standard.

Under pure contributory negligence, a plaintiff is barred from recovering damages if the jury finds that they contributed to the cause of their own injury in any way, no matter how small.

What is an Example of the Plaintiff Being Barred from Recovery?

If a person is running through the aisles of a grocery store and slips and falls over a wet surface, the jury could find them partially at fault for their own injuries. In this case, the plaintiff is barred from recovering any damages. A trip and fall attorney in Hanover County can assist plaintiffs in trying to prove that they were not at-fault for their injuries.

A Hanover County Slip and Fall Attorney Could Help

It is physically and mentally draining to go through medical treatment, rehabilitation, and pay expenses related to your slip and fall injury. Those responsible for causing your injury should be held accountable for the time, money, and effort you had to spend while recovering.

A Hanover County slip and fall lawyer could help you on your journey. Dedicated attorneys can fight for your right to relief and provide proper guidance for the complex task of legal action. Call now and schedule your consultation to start exploring your potential options for relief.

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