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Common Mistakes While Seeking Workers' Compensation in Hanover County

Common Mistakes While Seeking Workers' Compensation 

If you have endured an injury while on the job, recovering benefits through workers' compensation insurance can be crucial to your long-term physical health and financial wellbeing. However, while state law requires these benefits to be available to all qualifying employees hurt in a work-related capacity, failing to follow the correct procedures and guidelines may result in you receiving fewer benefits than you need, or even none at all. With skilled legal counsel by your side, you can avoid common mistakes made while seeking workers' compensation in Hanover County.

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Procedural Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes an injured employee can make when seeking workers' compensation benefits in Hanover County is not contacting an attorney as soon as possible. Benefits must be claimed within a certain timeframe, and if they are not properly requested, they may be forfeited.

People tend to minimize injuries, which could hurt their claim, especially if they talk to an adjuster without consulting an attorney first. Injured employees should never sign forms they do not fully understand, as some workers' compensation forms may cut benefits the employee could have been entitled to.

How Could a Lawyer Benefit an Injured Worker?

Injured employees may feel uncertainty when faced with workers' compensation and end up relying on an adjustor without realizing they may not be working for their benefit. However, an experienced workers' compensation attorney can provide an injured employee with the representation they need to help ensure their medical treatment and wage loss benefits claim is handled efficiently. An attorney could keep track of when everything needs to be filed and can be trusted to work in the injured person's best interests.

What is a Fear of Reprisal?

Injured employees sometimes attempt to deal with their injuries on their own instead of filing for workers' compensation, out of fear of repercussions from suing their employer. However, individuals may not receive the medical care they need if they do not report their injuries. Furthermore, underreporting injuries could hinder the success of a workers' compensation claim or decrease the employee's benefits once a claim is filed.

Each employer in Hanover County should have workplace injury insurance for their employees to help ease the financial burden of medical treatment and lost wages on employees after an accident happens or condition is developed. Workers' comp insurance is required by law to ensure injured workers can get the medical treatment and wage loss benefits they need in the case of an accident or an injury arising from employment.

Misunderstanding the Process of Filing a Workplace Injury Claim

The forms for filing workers' compensation claims are rather straightforward, but they could contain specific requirements and obscure legal jargon. The injured employee may receive letters from the insurance provider that seem intimidating due to the legal or medical language they use. However, a skilled attorney can assist injured employees as they navigate workers' compensation and pursue the benefits they deserve.

Injured employees in Hanover can be assisted by an attorney no matter where they are in the workers' compensation process. Experienced legal representatives can maintain an open line of communication with their clients and ensure they avoid mistakes that may forsake needed benefits.

Learn More from Hanover County Legal Counsel About Avoiding Mistakes in the Workers' Compensation Process

Workers' compensation could feel like a burden when the requirements to receive benefits are hard to keep track of. There are plenty of common mistakes made while filing for workplace injury payments that could lessen the potential amount of recovery for Hanover County workers. To ensure you do not fall victim to these mishaps yourself, do not delay in retaining the assistance of an experienced legal professional. Call today to set up an initial meeting with a skilled workers' compensation lawyer.

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