How to Apply for Workers' Compensation in Hanover County

Workers' Compensation in Hanover County: How to Apply 

After suffering a workplace injury that keeps you out of work for more than a few days, seeking workers' compensation could be a good option to consider for safeguarding your financial future. However, pursuing benefits under the complicated workers' comp system in Virginia could create obstacles to those unfamiliar with its nuances.

Instead of trying to handle the process yourself and potentially missing out on benefits due to a procedural mishap, consider retaining a skilled workers' compensation attorney. Legal counsel can explain to you how to apply for workers' comp benefits in Hanover County and provide guidance during every step of the process.

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Prerequisites and Procedures for Workers' Comp Claims

To qualify for workers' compensation, an employee must have been injured at work during the course of their normal job duties. If applying for benefits in Hanover County, an injured employee must fill out and return a claim for benefits form required by the Workers' Compensation Commission, which may be sent to the employee in the mail. The employee also needs to have medical documentation, the facts of the incident, and a list of each injured body part in order to fill out their “Claim for Benefits” form appropriately.

The workers' compensation claim should first be filed by the injured worker or their attorney. After the claim is filed, the insurer will either accept the claim or deny it.

What Happens if the Claim is Accepted or Denied?

If accepted, documents called agreement forms are sent out to be signed, returned, and filed with the commission. If the claim is denied, however, the injured worker and their attorney may need to attend a workers' compensation hearing held before a deputy commissioner acting as a judge, who would determine what benefits the injured employee is entitled to.

Challenges When Applying for Workers' Compensation

Applying for workers' compensation in Hanover could be more difficult if the applicant does not understand the claim process, which forms are required, or if their employer did not provide enough information regarding their rights and what procedures they need to follow to make sure they receive benefits. A knowledgeable workers' compensation attorney could guide the process by discussing the case in-depth with the injured employee, filing a claim on their behalf, and working to receive the benefits that they could be eligible for.

Why is it Helpful to Get a Lawyer?

The resources at a workers' compensation attorney's disposal tend to be much greater than the ones an injured employee may have on their own. With their experience, a legal professional can prepare for any obstacles that may arise and pinpoint any issues in the application process.

Discuss Applying for Hanover County Workers' Compensation with a Seasoned Attorney

The application process for workers' compensation benefits may seem straightforward, but there are plenty of small details and requirements that an unfamiliar employee could miss, causing them to lose out on deserved compensation and benefits. If you have any questions about how to apply for workers' compensation in Hanover County, do not hesitate to talk to legal counsel about the best path forward for your situation. Call today to start discussing your case.

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