5 Additional Questions about Permanent Partial Disability

In a recent blog post we answered five frequently asked questions about Permanent Partial Disability, a benefit that injured workers sometimes qualify for which is separate from a workers’ compensation indemnity award or settlement. In this post, we dive a bit deeper to answer some additional questions that may arise when you’ve suffered a work […]

5 Frequently Asked Questions about Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

When an employee suffers a severe work injury during the normal course and scope of his or her job duties, the aftermath could be months or even years of treatment by doctors and physical therapists. Once the medical professionals have done everything possible to help that injured worker heal and regain use of the injured […]

How to Prevent Eye Injuries at Work

Of the five human senses—sight, taste, hearing, smell, and touch—the eyes are our primary sensory organs, enabling us to perceive approximately 80% of the input we need to make sense of our environment and surroundings. We encounter circumstances each day that could potentially damage our eyes and therefore our critical sense of vision, which can […]

Hurricane Harvey Relief: Where to Donate

When Hurricane Harvey roared ashore on the Texas coast on Friday evening, August 25, it was the first Category 4 hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. since Hurricane Charley in 2004. As you’ve likely seen from the haunting news footage, the storm dropped more than 4 feet of rain on the Greater Houston and […]

Virginia Workers’ Compensation Doesn’t Cover Repetitive Injuries

Those of us fortunate enough to live in Virginia know it’s unique: we have easy access to the Chesapeake Bay, Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Valley in addition to cities including Alexandria, Richmond, Fredericksburg, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg and Charlottesville. If we want to get back in touch with nature, we have lots of great choices: […]

Nurses: at High Risk for Workplace Injuries

According to the American Nurses Association, 2017 is the “Year of the Healthy Nurse.” National Nurses Week is May 6–12; it’s an ideal time to thank the nurses who dedicate their lives to helping sick and injured patients recover. Keeping our nurses and other healthcare workers healthy isn’t always easy; they face a job that […]

Why Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Why Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney? If you’ve been hurt at work in Richmond, or anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia, why should you hire a workers’ compensation attorney? Workers’ compensation insurance protects an employer when an employee is injured during the normal course or scope of his or her employment. Though the Virginia Workers’ […]