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A recent study said that when it comes to developing a business relationship, the first thing that people try to determine from someone is whether or not they are someone they find trustworthy. Only after that do they look at an individual's competence.

The importance of having a trustworthy attorney in a Richmond catastrophic injury case cannot be overstated since in many catastrophic injury cases, funds must be managed, distributed, or allocated to different family members. Additionally, while the lawyer's duty is always to the victim they serve, they often must navigate potentially strained family dynamics. There may be different personalities among the family members, different views on the value of a claim, and different treatment that may be recommended for family members scattered across the country. Having a lawyer you can trust to handle all these conflicting circumstances is essential to preserving your rights, your claim, and your sanity during the long process of a lawsuit.

Seeking Counsel While Catastrophically Injured

If someone has suffered a catastrophic injury but is limited in how much they can speak, move, and travel, there are some ways that they could seek consultation with an attorney without the assistance of someone else. In many cases, social workers can facilitate the creation of the attorney-client relationship on behalf of a catastrophically injured person.

Virginia has community service boards that provide excellent social services, so reaching out to caregivers and requesting their help could be key to getting a case started. Of course, family members can fill this role as well, and in many cases are preferred by injury victims.

Reaching Out on a Family Member's Behalf

In situations where an injured party does not have the full capacity to contact an attorney early on, their loved ones may reach out to legal counsel on behalf of the injured party. One out of three times, a family member is the one who makes the initial contact because the victim is still in the hospital, is unconscious, or otherwise unable to manage their own affairs.

In those circumstances, it is important for a family member to have power of attorney. The family members must secure the legal means to act as a representative of the injured person or the decedent. Usually, if someone is still able to manage their own affairs and is competent, attorneys may only work with the family members to arrange a time to meet with them at the hospital or at their home.

Catastrophic injuries will forever change the way your family lives, and it is difficult to know where you can turn in such a time of need. An attorney is a great ally to help fight for justice, but finding one that you can get along with and trust with your financial livelihood is often easier said, than done. The sooner a family member could begin that process of qualifying, the sooner a trustworthy Richmond catastrophic injury attorney could do their job. Call now to get started.

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