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Truck accidents are some of the most brutal and damaging accidents on the roads of Richmond, Virginia. Truck accidents can occur in various ways, but if you have been unlucky enough to be impacted by a trucking accident, here is what you should do.

Steps for Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit

If you have been involved in a truck accident in Virginia, there are certain steps you should take to increase your chances of a successful lawsuit. If you plan to file a truck accident lawsuit, you should take the following steps:

  1. Start by reporting your accident and injuries
  2. Identify the responsible parties involved
  3. Contact your insurance company to file a truck accident claim
  4. Determine your economic losses and non-economic damages
  5. Gather evidence and proof of expenses
  6. Consult a qualified Richmond truck accident lawyer 

These six steps will help ensure your truck accident lawyer will be well-suited to make your case and help you win the damages you deserve. 

1. Start the Process by Reporting Your Crash and Injuries

The first step is to report your crash and injuries to the appropriate authorities in Richmond, Virginia. Call the police and have them make a report at the scene of the accident. This report can later be obtained by your attorney and referenced in court. 

It's also helpful to take pictures of the accident, including any damages to your truck. Taking these pictures from different angles can help illustrate the situation. It's best if you can take these photos while the vehicles remain in their original positions after the crash. This is also an excellent time to see if anyone witnessed your accident. If so, gather witness names and contact information.

As soon as possible, report to a hospital and undergo a thorough full-body examination to document all injuries you received. This is important even if you don't feel injured because some injuries can appear long after the wreck. A thorough medical check should catch any injuries connected to your truck accident.

2. Identify the Responsible Parties Involved

Before leaving the scene of your truck accident, it is vital to identify all parties to the accident. Write down their names and contact details, along with their insurance information and their vehicle details. If the police arrive on the scene, they should include much of this information in the accident report, but it's best to get it yourself to be sure.

While speaking with the other parties, be careful not to admit guilt, even if you feel that you may have been partially responsible for the wreck. It is best not to discuss your fault in the truck accident without discussing the details with a personal injury attorney experienced in truck accident claims.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company for a Truck Accident Claim

Next, you should contact your insurance company about a truck accident claim. In some cases, this may be your last step. Virginia is a "fault" state, which means the driver who is at fault for the truck accident must cover the resulting damages. However, this doesn't always go to plan.

Complications can arise when the at-fault driver is uninsured or underinsured. If the accident caused more damage to your property than the responsible driver's insurance can cover, you may be left wondering if the answer is filing a truck accident lawsuit. In this case, it is best to seek the expert legal advice of an experienced attorney in Richmond.

These next two steps are what you should do first before you file a truck accident claim.

4. Determine Economic Losses and Non-Economic Damages

Quantifying the economic and non-economic damages resulting from the truck accident is necessary. It's essential to understand precisely how much the accident set you back monetarily.

Economic losses include the cost associated with, medical bills, and lost wages. Examples of non-economic damages include pain and suffering and emotional distress related to the trucking accident. 

If the at-fault party was particularly negligent, for example, if drugs and alcohol were involved, your case could also involve punitive damages.

Once you have these figures and damages outlined, you will better understand what to communicate to your lawyer. They will also better understand how to advise you most appropriately.

5. Gather Evidence, Proof of Medical Expenses, and More

After you have determined your losses and damages, it is imperative that you gather evidence of these expenditures. You should save any bills and receipts associated with your trucking accident. If you suffered severe injuries, you might still be receiving medical treatment. Some truck accident victims may need to receive medical treatment in the future. This should also be documented, and any relevant evidence collected. 

During this stage, you can collect other evidence, such as organizing the witness information you collected at the scene of the accident, the police report, and anything else that may reflect that the other party was responsible for the truck accident.

Additionally, if you have reason to believe that your truck was faulty, it's important to note your concerns and suspicions. Sometimes trucking companies are the liable party for accidents, especially if the truck malfunctioned or goods weren't loaded and secured properly.

6. Hire a Qualified Truck Accident Lawyer

At this step, it's time to hire an experienced truck accident lawyer in Richmond, Virginia. You can discuss your truck accident, and they should be able to answer your questions. Additionally, they can explain the legal process associated with filing an auto and truck accident lawsuit.

If you can present your estimated losses, damages, and the evidence you have gathered, your attorney should be better situated to offer advice that is more closely tailored to the details of your particular case. 

Truck accidents can cause significant vehicle damage. Truck accident victims can be truck drivers or citizens struck by a commercial truck. Regardless of who is at fault, the damages and compensation involved in these lawsuits can be significant. Damages can range from property damage to severe injuries and even death. 

Receive a Fair Settlement With an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

It is essential that you receive fair and just compensation when you have filed a truck accident claim. An experienced Richmond truck accident lawyer can help you through the legal process and advise you on your best options for receiving fair compensation to offset your losses and damages. Commonwealth Law Group's Richmond truck accident lawyers can help you receive the damage awards you deserve. 

If you have been injured at work or through the negligence of another individual or entity, contact us at (804) 999-9999 or or use the form below to connect with our legal team. We will fight to get you the justice you deserve.