Nearly 300,000 vehicles pass through Richmond, VA on I-95 every day, and about 18,000 of those are trucks or buses. There is also a lot of construction in and around Richmond. This combination makes it a potentially dangerous area for people navigating construction hazards while also avoiding large, heavy trucks that could cause fatal accidents.

Regardless of how careful you are, avoiding construction zone truck accidents isn't always possible. If you are involved in a truck accident, be very careful to get any medical attention you need and collect the information necessary for a future claim against the driver's insurance company or in court.

What To Do If You've Been in a Construction Zone Truck Accident

Even if you follow speed limit reductions and construction zone signage, you can't depend on commercial truck drivers around you to do the same. Your cautious driving could still result in an accident with a careless or negligent truck driver who is in a hurry or has spent too many hours on the road.  

If you have an accident with a truck in a construction zone, take care of yourself and your passengers first, then start collecting the necessary information. Hire a construction zone truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to help you navigate traffic laws, truck regulations, and the legal system.

1. Check for Injuries and Seek Medical Care Immediately

Any accident victims involved in a construction zone truck accident should seek medical care immediately, even if their injuries seem minor. You may not even realize that you are hurt until the next day, as adrenaline and endorphins in your body due to the stress of the crash can mask your symptoms. 

Do not ignore medical advice on the scene because you don't think your injuries are serious. That could work against you down the road in a potential legal claim.

Continue your treatment until your doctor tells you to stop. If you file a personal injury claim against the truck driver or truck company, your construction zone injury lawyer will need clear and complete medical information to help you win your case.

2. Provide Law Enforcement with a Clear Accident Report of the Truck Crash

Even if your construction zone truck accident seems minor, contact the police. A police report serves as a record of the accident, and officers can help ensure that the details are correct. Having an officer on the scene also lets the driver of the truck know that they cannot just apologize and hope to move on without having to compensate you for damages.

Be sure not to leave the scene before the police are done collecting all of the information. Also, ensure you know who to contact to get a copy of the police report, as you may need it for your insurance company and your construction accident lawyer. If construction workers may have witnessed the accident, ask the police to talk to them as well.

3. File a Truck Accident Claim With Your Insurance Company

You must contact your insurance company to file a claim based on your own insurance and so that they can negotiate with the other insurance company. Be very careful when dealing with your insurance company, as they are a business. They might have their best interests in mind rather than yours.

This is another reason you should hire a construction zone accident attorney immediately. To best protect your interests, you can then tell your insurance company and the insurance company of the truck involved in the accident to talk to your lawyer. 

4. Determine At-Fault Parties in the Accident

Commercial truck drivers must follow state and federal regulations when operating their vehicles. They are prohibited from driving for too long without breaks or driving too much in one day. 

Truck drivers also have to follow all other rules of the road, such as not texting or engaging in aggressive driving that causes accidents. They must follow the rules around construction speed zones and obey warning signs and traffic signals. 

If you are involved in an accident with a truck in a construction zone in VA, take note of the factors that led to the accident as soon as possible. Your construction accident lawyer will need this information to build your case.

5. Keep Track of Expenses and Damages to Receive Fair Compensation

You and other accident victims following a crash with a truck should be very careful to keep track of all expenses that result from the collision. Your attorney can help you fight for compensation for property damage and your personal injury claim. There are several things you should note, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Home care expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death if you lost a loved one in the accident

6. Hire an Experienced Attorney To Handle Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

There are several reasons why you should immediately hire an experienced construction zone attorney following an accident with a truck. They can help you determine all of the people who should be a party to your suit. It may not be just the truck driver, but their company that owes you for property and compensatory damages.

An experienced attorney can also help you decide on the best legal strategy to get the compensation you deserve. You should never sign a settlement agreement with an insurance company or agree to mediation or arbitration without an experienced attorney by your side. 

Your attorney should be well-versed in truck regulations at the state and federal levels to provide you with the best advice possible. They should have experience in cases involving construction zone accidents.

How To Find a Trustworthy Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer

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