Leg injury to construction worker

First, tell us about the accident that started both of these cases.

"I was injured in an auto accident during the normal course of my workday. For more than 30 years I was a paint supervisor for industrial jobs – I used to paint rollercoasters, big buildings, you name it! One November morning in 2014, I was driving a work vehicle on the way from the shop to a work site. A tractor trailer made an illegal turn and hit my car on the driver's side door. At first I thought my arm was broken, because it hurt so badly and was swollen all the way down to my wrist. At the hospital, they told me my arm wasn't broken; my arm hurt so much because my neck was injured near vertebrae C6 and C7. Because the accident happened while I was at work driving a work vehicle, it fell under workers' comp."

Did you have a personal injury case also?

"Yes. At first I didn't realize I had two different cases, but we filed a personal injury lawsuit against the tractor trailer driver who hit me while making an illegal turn. Because he was a third party not related to the company I worked for and his actions in causing the accident were negligent, he could be held legally and financially responsible for my injury. Matt dealt with both my workers' comp case and personal injury lawsuit at the same time. He communicated with the truck driver's attorney and insurance company so that I could focus on healing from my injuries."

We Handle the Details So You Can Focus on Healing

"Matt dealt with the attorneys, insurance adjusters and doctors for me so I could concentrate on getting healthy. He told them, 'Don't contact my client; all communication needs to go through me.' It was a huge relief to have him fighting those battles for me. It really felt like everything was a battle.

"It took eight months, but I finally got the surgery I needed. I have an artificial spacer in my neck and a titanium plate that restricts movement in my neck – so I can't look up to paint ceilings or rollercoasters anymore. I just don't have the same mobility in my neck as I used to, so I can't do the work that I did for 30 years anymore.

"That's called permanent partial disability, and it's one of the reasons I got a significant settlement from the truck driver's insurance company. Because of the injuries I sustained in the accident, I'm unable to continue my 30-year career as a painter, but the settlement I received helps to support my family."

Did your Medical History play a role in your Personal Injury Case?

"Yes. I am 50 years old and have rheumatoid arthritis. Matt brought conclusive evidence that the accident caused my injury and permanent partial disability rather than it being a pre-existing condition. His knowledge and experience saved my case. I don't know what I would've done without him.

"It was all so complicated. I can't imagine having to deal with all that on my own. Matt did it all."

Did your Personal Injury Case go to Court?

"No. Matt advised me that my case was an excellent candidate for mediation. We decided to go that route.

"Matt was amazing during the mediation hearing. He gave an impressive presentation. He had gone to the scene of the accident, videotaped tractor trailers and cars going through the intersection, and timed how long it took to make that turn. He had reconstructed the scene of the accident precisely. His thorough research paid off, and we won a significant settlement."

What was the timeline of your case?

"The accident happened in November 2014, and in May 2016 I settled with the workers' compensation insurance company. In December 2016, we settled the personal injury case against the truck driver through mediation, so we didn't have to go to court.

"I think if we had gone to court, my case would probably still be dragging on. I'm glad we went to mediation. I am pleased with the settlement we got."

What was your overall impression of CLG?

"I had a very positive experience with Matt and Commonwealth Law Group during an extremely difficult time in my life. Matt reassured me everything was taken care of, he made phone calls when the doctors pushed back, or workers' comp or the insurance company wanted something.

"I can't thank him enough – he was patient, hardworking, reliable and I've been recommending him to people who need a great Richmond personal injury attorney! He kept my case moving when I didn't have the strength to do any of it. Having a smart, experienced workers' comp and personal injury lawyer like Matt handle my case was the best decision I ever made."

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