Everyone in your family is counting down the days until Winter Break, but for different reasons. Your kids can't wait to be out of school, bingeing on episodes of Wild Kratts, but you're sort of dreading it. What exactly are you going to do with them for the next two weeks? Sure, watching TV is okay sometimes, but they also need to be active and keep their minds engaged. And what about unpredictable weather? You may carefully plan a day at the Virginia Historical Society, but then you open your garage door and realize you can't see the driveway.

BEHOLD: Commonwealth Law Group's list of winter activities guaranteed to keep your kids engaged and entertained — whether you're out and about or stuck at home waiting for the spring thaw.

For the Future Scientist:

On the town:

The Science Museum of Virginia is a parenting trifecta: educational, entertaining and active. Your kids can learn about chemistry, engineering and electricity with interactive exhibits before they unwind with a movie in the Dome theater (current film topics include butterflies, the Grand Canyon, and humpback whales). Grab a quick lunch at the Periodic Table cafe and don't forget to check out the holiday classic "Fruitcake Science!"

For more information, visit the Science Museum of Virginia's website.


Did you know your home actually makes an excellent science lab? You probably have all the household ingredients you need to create safe, fun projects. Take this slime recipe from Elmer's Glue for instance. All you need is glue (glitter glue adds a fun "galactic" element), baking soda and contact lens solution. Everything comes together in only a few minutes, but it's guaranteed to keep your kids entertained for hours!

Full instructions can be found on the Elmer's website.

For the Future Artist:

On the town:

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is more than just stuffy portraits and broken shards of pottery. Everyone in the family is guaranteed to find at least one exhibit they love, including the fabled Terracotta Army from ancient China. There are also Faberge eggs and colorful paintings by Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. If your kids require more stimulation, print out one of the museum's "gallery hunts," which pair different pieces of art and show how and where artists find their inspiration. Think of it as the most enlightened scavenger hunt your kids will ever go on.

For more information, visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts' website. Download gallery hunts here.


No need to visit a museum for artistic inspiration when you can use nature as your canvas! Make snow "paint" by adding Kool-Aid or a few drops of food coloring to a squeeze bottle and filling with water. Your kids will love making colorful designs in the snow. You can also collect pine cones, twigs and leaves from around the neighborhood. Paint them in festive colors and add glitter. They make great ornaments or tabletop decorations. Painting rocks is also extremely popular. Check out Pinterest for inspiration or just let your kids' imaginations run wild!

For the Future Olympian:

On the town:

What could be more on-point for the holidays than ice skating? Head over to The Rink at West Broad Village or at Stony Point Fashion Park and lace up your skates! Let your little ones practice their double axels. Or if they're not that advanced, maybe just staying upright as they circle the rink. After an invigorating skate session, relax with a meal at one of the many restaurants nearby or finish up your holiday shopping.

For more information, visit the Rink at West Broad Village's website or Stony Point Fashion Park's website.


The 2018 Winter Olympics will take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea from February 9 – 25, 2018. Brush up on who's who by re-watching highlights from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The official Olympics website has highlights from the most beloved events including bobsled, figure skating and the always-popular curling. They also have a very robust YouTube channel that includes behind-the-scenes shots and athlete "day job" videos.

Watch videos on the official Olympic website or YouTube channel.

For the Whole Family:

On the town:

Nothing says "the holidays" like outdoor Christmas decorations and some people in the Richmond area really get in the spirit. Why not jump in the car, crank up the heat and the holiday tunes and take in the sights? The Richmond Times-Dispatch has a full list of "tacky light" displays to help you map out your best route. Or if you'd rather not drive yourself, you can rent a limo or hop on a trolley and relax in style!

For a list of tacky light displays, visit the Richmond Times-Dispatch website.

For information about trolley tours or limo rentals, check out Richmond Trolley's website or the James Limousine website.


If transportation or impassable roads are an issue, you can find tacky light displays within walking distance using the Tacky Light Tour website. Just plug in your zip code to find a list of nearby homes. If there are no light displays nearby, why not create a neighborhood bingo game? Create a list of festive items to look for (e.g., wreaths, Santa figurines, candy canes) on a bingo grid, and the first to complete a line on their card wins.

To find a list of tacky light displays near you, visit the Tacky Light Tour website.

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