Truck on highway

Truck drivers play a critical role in supporting essential businesses and organizations by providing food, medical supplies, and other important products. To maintain a steady supply of resources, the Trump administration and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently relaxed regulations limiting the maximum number of hours a trucker may drive during a shift.

While the relaxed regulations may help ensure a steady supply of essential products, some truckers may face an increased risk of fatigue as they work more hours. As a result, many truckers are seeking tips on how to drive safely as their workload increases during COVID-19. Following best health and wellness practices may help reduce the likelihood of a truck accident on the road.

How Can Sleep Affect Fatigue?

Getting enough sleep may be one way that truckers can reduce feelings of fatigue and maximize driver safety. Sleep is a vital aspect of health and can affect short-term memory and critical thinking skills. Many sleep experts recommend that individuals receive seven to nine hours of sleep per day.

One important tip that some recommend for truckers who are working more hours during the coronavirus pandemic is taking a short ten to 20-minute nap whenever safe. This may help reduce a truck driver's drowsiness and fatigue. Drivers in Richmond who are feeling fatigued on the road also may want to consider accutane online sale taking a brief nap. Additionally, giving yourself time after taking a nap to fully wake up may help reduce feelings of grogginess or confusion.

Can My Diet Affect Alertness?

Monitoring what you put in your body also may help enhance trucker safety on the road. While caffeine may increase short-term alertness, excessive consumption may increase irritability, nervousness, and contribute to sleep issues. Alternatively, drinking water and staying hydrated can help reduce headaches and cramps that may distract a driver on the road.

Eating at different times each day or skipping meals altogether can negatively affect a truck driver's ability to sleep. Therefore, individuals should try to eat their meals consistently at regular times. Doing so may also help increase energy levels and maintain focus.

An Attorney Can Advocate for Richmond Truckers During COVID-19

Being involved in a big rig accident can have a serious impact on a truck driver's life as well as others on the road. Additionally, as truckers work longer hours during the COVID-19 pandemic, these accidents may become more common.

Many drivers become overwhelmed by the legal aspects of their case. An experienced attorney who advocates for truck drivers can guide you through your case and advise you on your rights. To talk to one of our knowledgeable Richmond lawyers, call today for a free consultation.

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