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Ashlee is a paralegal at Commonwealth Law Group specializing in complex workers’ compensation cases. As a communications and problem-solving specialist, she is able to ascertain the exact nature of a problem or potential challenge and take concrete steps toward solving it. In many cases her inquisitive nature enables her to troubleshoot an issue to avoid a possible delay that might hinder a client’s case.

Before joining the team at Commonwealth Law Group in 2015, Ashlee gained valuable experience working for the City of Richmond as an in-court clerk, where she assisted two judges by helping them arraign defendants, draft plea agreements, complete jail worksheets, draft court orders and manage evidence. Additionally, she worked as a legal secretary in the Henrico County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office where she drafted indictments, prepared jury documents for trials, scheduled show causes and prepared capias orders. From these experiences performing various aspects of legal work, Ashlee gained an ability to foresee potential problems and navigate around them to ensure that our clients’ cases move forward.

Ashlee is currently working toward a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. She is an avid fan of the arts and enjoys working as a part-time DJ on weekends. Ashlee’s can-do attitude and commitment to improving client experience are an asset to our firm.

“I really like helping people on a one-on-one basis, and Commonwealth Law Group provides a great opportunity to do that. Our clients come to us during a difficult time in their lives and have a deep appreciation for everything we can do to make their recovery go more smoothly. It inspires me to work even harder for them.”

Ashlee Johnson

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