Lori Ligon

Lori is a senior paralegal at Commonwealth Law Group who specializes in workers’ compensation cases. With more than 10 years of experience handling this complex case work, Lori brings a vast array of knowledge and hands-on capabilities that translate into the best possible client experience.

With her strong family background including a grandfather who was captain of the Virginia State Police for several years, Lori always knew that she wanted to work in some aspect of the legal profession. In college, she majored in criminal justice and psychology.

As CLG’s senior paralegal, Lori is generous in sharing her knowledge and past case experience for the benefit of the entire team and our clients. “We have an open office environment, so when other paralegals have a question about some aspect of a workers’ compensation case, they come and ask me,” Lori explained. “I’ve seen a wide variety of cases and many times I can tell them what I did when I faced a similar situation. I’m always happy to help!”

Whether she’s perusing medical records, reviewing hearing transcripts or typing up discovery information, Lori’s commitment to providing our clients with the best possible legal representation is second to none. Lori is also an experienced equestrian, a lifelong hobby which she credits for her patience, good time management and ongoing quest for improvement in all aspects of her life and work.