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Richmond Uber/Taxi Accident Lawyer

Uber/Taxi Accident Lawyer in Richmond 

The most popular forms of hired vehicle in Richmond are Uber and Lyft. These modes of transportation are convenient for drivers and passengers alike, but Ubers, Lyfts, and taxis can still be involved in serious accidents. Unfortunately, pursuing a personal injury claim after a car accident with an Uber or taxi driver can be extremely complex without a skilled car crash attorney. There are numerous insurance policies involved, and it can be difficult to determine how to best seek compensation without a Richmond Uber/taxi accident lawyer.

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Unique Aspects of Uber/Taxi Accident Cases

A car accident with a taxi or Uber driver differs from a car accident involving a personal transportation vehicle due to the insurance coverage available. If someone is driving for Uber or for a taxi and they are at fault, they generally will have a much higher level of insurance coverage available than the average person. Because these vehicles are for hire, they are subject to much higher minimum insurance policies. This is due to a hired vehicle's status as a common carrier.

Identifying the Responsible Parties After an Uber Crash

The party responsible for paying damages in Richmond Uber accident cases depends on the status of the car at the time. For example, liability can be different when an Uber driver is carrying a passenger. The driver's status can change the insurance coverage they have and also what parties are responsible for paying the victim's damages. After an accident, it is critical for a Richmond Uber/taxi accident attorney to determine what exactly happened in the crash. They must figure out what the driver was doing and where they were going at the time of the accident in order to determine the available insurance coverage.

Steps to Take After a Collision

If a person is in an accident with a hired driver, they should attempt to take down the driver's personal and insurance information. It is important to record information about both the driver's personal policy and their company policy. Having this information ready to go when meeting with an attorney can help facilitate a quick resolution to a claim.

After the victim's personal injury lawyer investigates the crash and identifies the proper insurance company, the claim proceeds similarly to other accident cases. Normally, the attorney begins seeking damages by submitting the claim to the insurance company. Depending on how the case goes, they may eventually have to move into litigation.

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A person should strongly consider hiring an experienced Richmond attorney after being involved in an Uber or taxi accident. Collisions with common carriers or hired vehicles can be extremely complicated because it can be difficult to identify the appropriate insurance policy. Pursuing compensation from the proper party is an essential part of any personal injury case.

If you were hurt in a crash, you deserve to relax and focus on your health. Let a compassionate lawyer step in and handle the details of your case. They could field calls from insurance adjusters, gather compelling evidence of the defendant's fault, and protect your rights at every step. Call today to set up a consultation.

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