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Evidence in Richmond Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases: Evidence 

Recovering compensation for a traumatic brain injury (TBI) usually requires a great deal of evidence. However, if this evidence is not identified and preserved quickly after such an injury occurs, it may be lost forever, so prospective plaintiffs should act swiftly.

Because of this, preserving and effectively presenting evidence in Richmond traumatic brain injury cases is crucial to their eventual outcomes. A seasoned traumatic brain injury attorney could help with every aspect of this process, from seeking out expert testimony during case preparation, to making sure physical evidence is not prematurely destroyed.

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Preparing for a Richmond TBI Case

A catastrophic injury lawyer prepares for a traumatic brain injury case in Richmond by first looking at how the victim's brain is functioning and how they are processing information now compared to their faculties before the accident. This is where input from a neuropsychologist is usually important as they can provide a battery of tests and a neuropsychological examination that assesses speed of processing, the ability to retain and convey information, and a whole range of measures testing auditory and visual acuity.

The next stage of preparation typically involves a neuropsychiatrist, which is a medical doctor who specializes in handling traumatic brain injury victims. They could provide recommendations in the form of medicines and different types of treatment such as therapy and psychotherapy. They could also help diagnose the mental health effects of a TBI and communicate those effects to a judge or jury.

Who is Involved in Treating TBI Cases?

Often in traumatic brain injury cases, a radiologist is needed to help interpret MRIs, PET scans, and CT scans. If a TBI victim was gainfully employed and lost their livelihood due to the injury, a vocational rehabilitation expert may be needed as well.

A TBI victim may also need a life care planner depending on the severity of their injury and its expected long-term effects. Finally, an economist is often required to take the life care plan and reduce it to present value. All the input required from different experts is often what sets a traumatic brain injury case apart from other personal injury cases.

Collecting and Presenting Evidence

In order to effectively present evidence in Richmond TBI cases, a traumatic brain injury lawyer and the plaintiff must first collect and preserve all relevant evidence. Skilled legal professionals are usually very quick to pursue and find all sources of evidence, whether it is in the form of videos, photos, witness statements, or black box data.

Why Should a Lawyer Have Prior Experience in TBI Litigation?

A catastrophic injury lawyer who takes on traumatic brain injury cases has to be able to communicate with a variety of different healthcare professionals in different fields to form a single compelling narrative. They have to make sure that what all the different doctors are saying is necessary to put the patient's life back on track, and that all their recommendations for the patient's condition are consistent.

Once it is collected and preserved, evidence is used to establish liability in a Richmond traumatic brain injury case the same way as in any other personal injury case: by speaking with eye witnesses, lay witnesses, and police officers, and by working with experts to obtain and download black box data.

Seek Professional Help Preserving Evidence for a Richmond TBI Claim

Without extensive evidence from various sources, you may have a hard time not only proving liability for a traumatic brain injury, but potentially even proving that your TBI exists in the first place. Fortunately, professional legal help is available to help you ensure your case is as detailed and effective as possible. For more information about evidence in Richmond traumatic brain injury cases, talk to an experienced lawyer today.

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