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Recoverable Damages in Richmond Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Richmond Traumatic Brain Injury Recoverable Damages 

The impact of a serious traumatic brain injury extends far beyond the immediate costs of emergency medical treatment and missed work. If such an injury results in permanent loss of cognitive function, a victim may suffer or face undue hardship for the remainder of their natural life.

In light of this, recoverable damages in Richmond traumatic brain injury cases must account not only for what a plaintiff needs now, but also for what they might need in the future. A TBI lawyer could help determine what damages you may be entitled to pursue based on the specific circumstances of your case.

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How Attorneys Approach Assessment of Damages

Catastrophic injury attorneys approach assessment of damages for traumatic brain injury cases primarily by looking at the injury victim's medical expenses, as those typically represent some of the greatest economic losses associated with a TBI. They also look at any future medical expense and future lost wages, as well as past medical expenses and past lost wages.

There is also a certain skill that only comes from years of experience litigating traumatic brain injury cases in determining the value of past, present, and future suffering. This is something that takes skilled lawyers a long time to develop as it varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and from case to individual case.

Does the Jurisdiction of the Case Matter?

There are some jurisdictions in which a TBI victim having permanent work but suffering from physical and mental difficulties for the rest of their life may be worth thousands of dollars, whereas in other jurisdictions a jury might consider those same losses to be worth millions of dollars. One of the key functions an experienced attorney can provide is helping a traumatic brain injury victim in Richmond figure out what expectations they should have for recoverable damages in their particular case

What Are Common Types of Damages Acquired in TBI Cases?

The most common types of damages associated with in TBI cases are past medical expenses and lost wages, as well as future medical expenses and lost wages. The financial value assigned to future medical expenses is often based on a life care plan. Because of the long-term nature of many TBIs, these future medical expenses often severely outweigh past medical expenses.

The Importance of a Lawyer

Accordingly, traumatic brain injury lawyers play a crucial role in helping a TBI victim in Richmond obtain the compensation they need to live comfortably, as they are responsible for marshaling the evidence necessary to prove that person needs a settlement or judgment, not just for the short term, but for the long term as well. Because of the amount and complexity of evidence involved, building a compelling case for this degree of damages is extraordinarily difficult without assistance from a legal professional.

Seeking TBI Damages in Richmond with Legal Counsel's Help

Unrepresented civil plaintiffs often struggle to recover sufficient damages to make up for their losses, especially when those losses will continue to impact them far into the future. Instead of fighting for fair compensation by yourself, consider retaining a dedicated traumatic brain injury lawyer who could work to maximize your potential recovery. Call today to speak with a legal professional about recoverable damages in your Richmond traumatic brain injury case.

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