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Workers' Compensation Medical Benefits in Richmond

Richmond Workers' Compensation Medical Benefits

When employees think of the benefits available in a workers' compensation claim, their minds drift to the possibility of cash payments. While this is certainly an attractive aspect of their benefits package, another notable benefit is the access to all reasonable and necessary medical care. This includes receiving care that supports immediate recovery as well as continuing care that an employee may need for the rest of their life.

A lawyer in Richmond experienced in workers' compensation medical benefits can explain the healthcare coverage available to you. They can also help you claim the restitution you may be entitled to by documenting your injuries to demonstrate the need for continued medical care.

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Medical Care is Required in Workers' Compensation Coverage

When an employee is hurt on the job, the most useful benefit of the workers' compensation coverage is that the insurance policy covers the cost of all necessary medical care following the accident.

According to Virginia Code § 65.2-603, an employer must provide medical care to their injured workers for as long as is necessary following the incident. This includes emergency care immediately following the injury, hospitalization, and rehabilitation that helps restore the worker back to full health.

Injured workers have the right to choose their doctor from a list of at least three medical professionals that their employer provides for them. They may visit this doctor or any related specialists until they reach maximum medical improvement (MMI). It may be necessary for this care to last for the rest of the workers' lives in the case of occupational diseases or permanent physical injuries.

Leveraging Quality Medical Care into a Powerful Claim for Cash Payments

Not only is medical care essential for an injured or ill worker's recovery, but it is also crucial in developing a strong claim for cash benefits.

In workers' compensation cases, doctors play two roles. They must ensure that an employee is receiving the best medical care available to them to restore them to a maximum level of health. The doctor must also evaluate the residual effects of the incident on the employee's ability to return to work.

Learn How a Richmond Attorney Can Provide More Information About Medical Benefits

The medical attention an employee receives for their injury is free and lasts for as long as a worker needs to make a full recovery. If that means that an insurance company must pay medical expenses and income rest of the employee's life, the law requires the company to do so.

In addition, taking advantage of these benefits can help bolster the cash portion of a claim. Only a doctor is qualified to determine if you can return to work, and insurance companies rely on their opinion to decide whether to issue cash payments.

An attorney can help you understand and collect Richmond workers' compensation medical benefits. They can handle the legally required notices and claim forms necessary to ensure that medical expenses are never a burden to you or your family following your accident. Call a lawyer as soon as possible.

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