Why we formed Commonwealth Law Group

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Why We Formed Commonwealth Law Group

In 2014, six talented attorneys on a mission to fight for workers injured on the job and people injured due to the negligence of others united to form a unique organization: Commonwealth Law Group.What differentiates us from other firms? Commonwealth Law Group is different from other workers’ compensation and personal injury law firms in Richmond, Virginia for a number of reasons:


At Commonwealth Law Group, our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys and personal injury attorneys offer personalized, client-focused services.  By purposefully keeping each individual attorney’s caseload to a manageable number, we can better monitor each unique case personally, benefitting the client.


While many workers’ compensation claims and personal injury cases are settled before they go to trial, the experience of the attorney you choose is crucial to the success of your case. At Commonwealth Law Group, our dedicated attorneys have experience negotiating with insurance companies to get the best possible settlement for our clients. However, if your insurance company won’t agree to a reasonable settlement, our attorneys also have proven experience taking cases to trial and winning. In both situations, we apply the knowledge gained through years of experience to ensure that our clients get the best possible settlement.  You can see our proven results here.

You Choose How We Communicate

As technology advances, we realize that the preferred method of communication may vary from client to client. Our clients have the option of meeting with their attorney in person, speaking by phone, emailing or texting. We are flexible. We want each client to feel as comfortable as possible by communicating via the method he or she chooses.

Family Atmosphere

At Commonwealth Law Group, we purposefully maintain a friendly “family” atmosphere. We know that most people who come to see us probably don’t meet with attorneys in their everyday lives. We think it can be intimidating to walk into a bustling law firm like those on TV shows where the atmosphere is rigid and everyone is buttoned up in expensive suits. We want to put you at ease. If you’re coming to see us, there’s a good chance you’ve been through a traumatic experience such as an injury on the job, automobile accident, tractor trailer accident, personal injury or even a wrongful death in your family. We set our clients at ease from the moment they enter our offices. We dress business casual, and our staff is welcoming and inviting to maximize the comfort of our clients.

Free Initial Consultation

Like most workers’ compensation and personal injury law firms in Richmond, VA, your initial consultation with Commonwealth Law Group is free of charge.

 If you’ve suffered a personal injury or have been hurt on the job in Virginia, call us for a free, no obligation initial consultation. We are a dedicated group of workers’ compensation lawyers and personal injury lawyers who will work hard to protect your rights. You have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain by calling the experienced Richmond, VA injury attorneys of Commonwealth Law Group at 804.999.9999. We will fight for your rights.


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