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Hanover County Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Parking Lot Accident Lawyer in Hanover County

When people think of parking lot accidents, they typically think of minor fender-benders that result in two people trading insurance information and dealing with only a few dents in their bumpers. However, if someone is struck by a car while walking in a parking lot, the situation may be decidedly more severe.

If you suffered injuries because of a negligent driver under any circumstances, consulting with a car accident attorney may be a good idea. If such an accident occurs in a parking lot or parking garage, your best option is to seek help from a skilled legal advocate who knows how to approach this particular type of case. A Hanover County parking lot accident lawyer could help you file your claim and help you seek compensation for damages.

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What Differentiates Parking Lot Accidents from Others?

Slower speed limits and additional pedestrian traffic significantly changes the rules for safe driving in parking lots. Compared to an interstate, there is obviously a higher likelihood of encountering someone on foot in a parking lot. Even while driving at an appropriate speed it may be difficult for drivers to react in time to avoid hitting pedestrians.

Furthermore, one of the biggest problems in parking lot accidents is that police officers tend not to write an extensive report. They do not have to take a report if a collision occurs on private property, so they typically record what happened quickly through only a crash exchange form.

Claimants Taking Action

Accordingly, it is up to someone injured in that kind of situation to find witnesses and hunt down any surveillance footage that may have captured the collision. They or their Hanover County parking lot accident attorney need to record their information so they can get in touch with witnesses down the road.

How Insurance Companies Treat Parking Lot Accidents

Insurance companies treat parking lot accidents as minor incidents, so they often try to claim they are not as serious because of the lower speeds involved. Depending on how someone is struck, however, these types of accidents can still result in significant injuries and losses.

If a pedestrian is struck by a moving car, they are going to suffer more serious injuries than they would if they were struck while inside a car. Insurance companies still tend to try and minimize the severity of these injuries, and it may take a good deal of evidence—as well as dedicated arguments from a parking lot crash lawyer in Hanover County—to demonstrate otherwise.

How Could the Injured Person be Negligent?

Contributory negligence also plays a large role in many parking lot accident cases. These days, people tend to walk around while looking at their cellphones, which means they are not paying as close attention to their surroundings as they typically should be. A defendant could claim contributory negligence on behalf of the injured person to defend themselves in the case. If an individual is in an area like a parking lot, they should always be on the lookout for cars rather than distracted by their phone – otherwise, it could be used against them if an accident occurs.

What to Look for in a Hanover County Parking Lot Accident Attorney

When hiring a Hanover County parking lot accident lawyer to represent you, you want someone who has handled these types of cases before, is aware of how the insurance companies are going to respond to incidents, and knows to track down witnesses as early as possible. Ultimately, it is going to fall on you to get that information at the time of the accident, because people often just walk away and cannot be located later.

It is important to capture that information as it is happening: get the names, numbers, addresses, and any other information about witnesses that you can. If you have this evidence, your attorney may have a much easier time recovering compensation on your behalf. Call today to learn more about how an attorney could help your case.

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