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Workers should be able to rely on workers' compensation to help when they suffer an injury arising out of their employment. However, the insurance companies who provide workers' compensation payments can deny a claim for benefits, leaving injured workers with a tremendous financial burden at an already difficult time.

If you need help seeking fair benefits or challenging a denied claim, reach out to a Henrico County workers' compensation lawyer for assistance. A seasoned personal injury attorney who understands the workers' compensation system could help you seek the benefits you need to move forward.

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Understanding Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation is designed to cover an injured worker's medical expenses and provide payments for lost wages during recovery. Under this system, workers lose the right to sue their employer for damages, but in return, they can receive benefits without the need to prove that their employer was negligent.

Most employers purchase workers' compensation insurance to protect themselves in case of employee injury. When a worker gets hurt, the insurance company pays for medical treatment and provides lost wage benefits. Unfortunately, to keep their costs low, insurers frequently find reasons to deny claims. Challenging a denial can be a difficult process, and injured employees may feel overwhelmed by complex rules and regulations at a time when they deserve to relax and heal. To increase the likelihood of receiving fair benefits, including disability benefits, an injured employee should speak with an experienced Henrico County workers' comp attorney.

The Workers' Compensation Claims Process

Workplace injury victims must fulfill certain requirements to obtain benefits. First, they must notify the employer about their injury within 30 days of the accident or within 30 days of learning from the doctor that an illness arose from employment. The employer should then file a first report of injury within ten days of receiving this notice.

Even though the employer is supposed to file a notice of injury, the injured employee must also file a claim with the Workers' Compensation Commission within two years. Claims may be submitted by mail, online, or in person. The Workers' Compensation Commission office closest to Henrico County is located in Richmond.

If an insurer denies a claim, the injured worker may challenge their denial and request a hearing. A workplace accident lawyer in Henrico County could help an injured worker adhere to all important deadlines in pursuit of the benefits they need. Reach out to a dedicated lawyer today to get started on the claims process.

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If you suffered injuries in the course of your employment, you might be unsure how to proceed and avoid jeopardizing your workers' compensation claim. Advice from an experienced Henrico County workers' compensation lawyer could help you move in the right direction.

An attorney could advise you of your rights and the steps you should take to maximize your chance of success. If your claim is successful, you could receive benefits to cover lost wages, medical expenses, transportation, and to compensate you for permanent disability. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn how an attorney could help.

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