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Sadly, there is no shortage of civil rights violations in Virginia. Residents and visitors alike face all manner of breaches, from bad police conduct to discrimination-based conduct. However, through the representation of an experienced civil rights attorney, they can get recompense. In these cases, knowing how to find a civil rights attorney is essential. Here are a few tips.

The Importance of Finding the Right Fit for Your Civil Rights Lawsuit

Knowing how to find a civil rights attorney begins with the knowledge that lawyers tend to limit their services to specific areas. For example, divorce lawyers don’t typically venture out to represent clients in civil rights matters.

For this reason, it is important for those interested in how to find a civil rights attorney to focus their search efforts on attorneys who specifically work in civil rights. Additionally, victims of civil rights violations may want to consider certain human traits in their search, such as an attorney’s:

  • Respect
  • Courtesy
  • Compassion
  • Ability to empathize

In every civil rights case, victims should choose experienced civil rights attorneys who respect them and treat them with a reasonable measure of courtesy and compassion. Anything less often results in ill feelings or feelings of disrespect felt by the client.

Sadly, some civil rights attorneys take as many cases as they can in order to make more money while only providing the minimum level of service. At Commonwealth Law Group, every client is treated as though they are the only one.

Research Local Attorneys

Your search for a right civil rights attorney should remain local when possible. Local attorneys have deep interests in their communities and understand much about the inner and outer workings of legal matters in their jurisdictions. In many cases, they are to be preferred over non-local attorneys who may not understand the intricacies and quirks of your regional legal industry.

Review Profiles/Experience

In today’s world of accessible information, it is easy to delve into an attorney’s profile and learn about their professional experience. Using information from attorneys’ websites, you can get a good idea of the types of cases a candidate has handled and potentially even information about their success rate.

A simple online search may also prove helpful to find information about a particular attorney, including information relating to:

  • Cases they have handled
  • Awards they have won
  • Disciplinary issues

You can also contact the county and state bar association to which a particular attorney belongs to learn more about their profile and experience. 

Schedule a Consultation

Once you have shortened your list of potential attorneys down to a few candidates, take the time to schedule appointments with your remaining options. In most instances, initial consultations with civil rights attorneys are free of charge. That’s why it is worth it to take the time to visit as many attorneys as necessary to find the right one.

Discuss Fees and Costs

Civil rights lawyers can charge anywhere from 20%–40% or more for their services. Additionally, clients must also pay for certain costs associated with civil rights actions, including expenses related to:

  • Faxing, copying, and mailing documents
  • Filing court papers
  • Hiring expert witnesses
  • Travel and research costs

These costs and expenses are necessary to successfully prosecute a lawsuit. Fortunately for clients, they are typically due at the end of a case and are taken from the compensation or damages a client receives.

Ask Questions About Experience and Approach

Another topic to discuss with any potential attorney you might hire is their approach to and experience in dealing with civil rights cases. Your internet and web page searches will only yield so much useful information. Hearing how an attorney works from their own mouth can provide you with a fuller picture of their experience and representation style.

Clarify Expectations

If you are seeking representation for a civil rights violation, one of the first steps you must take with your attorney is to clarify or manage your expectations. Before hiring any attorney, you will want to know what outcomes and remedies to reasonably expect. It’s best to address expectations early on to avoid disappointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to common questions from those looking to hire a civil rights attorney.

How Long Do Civil Rights Cases Take to Resolve in Virginia?

It depends on the facts of the case. Some civil rights cases can span years, while others may resolve within months. Factors that can lead to longer resolution times include:

  • Multiple defendants
  • Evidence problems
  • Delays by the victim to seek justice
  • Multiple civil rights violations

Regardless of your civil rights issue, you can rely on the attorneys at Commonwealth Law Group to do everything possible to settle your claim in a reasonably prompt manner.

Will My Civil Rights Case Go to Trial?

Probably not. Most civil rights cases are resolved through alternative means of dispute resolution. However, a trial is always possible until the parties to a dispute agree to settle or pursue binding arbitration. Judicial efficiency and other factors lead to far fewer trials than settlements.

Can Prisoners Sue for Civil Rights Violations in Virginia?

Yes. Prisoners lose many rights when convicted of a felony, including their right to own or possess firearms and vote, among others. However, some rights are inalienable, including the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment and the right to both substantive and procedural due process. When a prisoner’s remaining rights are violated, they can sue those who violated them.

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