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The experienced personal injury attorneys and workers' compensation attorneys at Commonwealth Law Group offer personalized, client-focused services. Our staff works tirelessly to monitor each case and provide our clients with this type of service. Because our staff is so integral to our client experience, we want to introduce them to you on our blog.

When you call Commonwealth Law Group to get a free legal review of your workers' compensation case or personal injury case, one of the first people potential clients speak with is Madison Metro. We asked Madison a few questions to get to know her better:

How long have you been with CLG? I joined CLG in September 2017. My role here is Intake Manager, which means I'm one of the first people our potential clients speak with when they call, and I also help with pre-screening both by phone and on the website. If a client is ready to sign on with us for representation, I gather their information. I prepare the paperwork, scan it, and work with the attorney responsible for evaluating the case. I also track how we get referrals, whether they came from a previous client―which happens a lot―or from advertising either on TV or online.

What's your professional background? I was a workers' compensation adjuster for two years. But in that position, I was working for the employers who were trying not to pay out claims to injured workers, which was hard for me because I couldn't help anyone and my natural inclination is to help people. After that I spent a year on the sales side of things, selling Nurse Case Management for workers' compensation to employers and insurance adjusters. Those two different work experiences in the same industry have given me a thorough understanding of the entire workers' compensation process from all angles. Now, I finally feel like I've ended up in the right place for me: I call CLG "the happy side" because it's where we get to help people and work to right the wrongs.

Where did you go to college? I graduated from Radford University in 2013 where I majored in Communications and minored in Business Management and Marketing.

What inspired you to enter the legal profession? My cousin worked at a local workers' comp insurance company here in Richmond, and I was able to get an interview with them and got a job that turned out to be a good career start out of college. I enjoyed working on workers' compensation cases; I just hated the fact that I was never able to help anyone. So here, at CLG, I am finally getting to help people overcome the financial struggles that a workers' comp injury has caused and it feels great.

What's your greatest strength? I rock at planning and executing events including birthday parties, retirement parties, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers―you name it, I can plan it! I recently planned my best friend's wedding from start to finish. I have great attention to detail and have the ability to look ahead and anticipate what people will need, which comes in handy in both party planning and also in dealing with workers' comp cases.

What's your typical workday like? My day consists of gathering facts and information from potential clients surrounding their workers' comp injury or automobile personal injury case. Once I gather these facts, I converse with the attorneys who decide if we should sign the case up or not. I then send out the appropriate paperwork to the potential clients. In between all of that, I follow up a lot with people. And I do mean a lot!

What do you enjoy about your job? First of all, every day is a learning day. There isn't much that goes on here that is the same from day to day, so it keeps each workday fresh, and I love that! I get to learn something new every single day. Second, the people here are friendly, wonderful teachers who want CLG to succeed so everyone works together as a team to make it happen. It's a strong team environment, and I feel fortunate that I landed here.

Do you have a motto or favorite quote? "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."

What's special about the place where you grew up? I grew up in a small town right outside of Blacksburg, Virginia—it's called Giles. It is the most beautiful mountain town, where everyone knows everyone, and there are lots of great people who come together to make it an awesome, supportive community to live in. It also helps that the majority of my family is still there, and I am a huge family person. The moment I cross the mountain on a trip west, a wave of relief comes over me and I know that I am "home." I love visiting my Mom, Dad, sister―and all of my extended family there.

What do you do to relax after the workday/workweek? I love to venture around Richmond and find new fun things to do with my 3-year-old son, Marshall. Nothing is more relaxing than watching a happy child playing. You can't help but smile when you see them discover something new for the first time—that look of wonder on their face. It really brings everything into perspective. Family is what it's all about!

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