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Richmond Nursing Home Coronavirus Lawyer

Nursing Home Coronavirus Lawyer in Richmond  

The coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) has quickly taken a catastrophic toll on communities around the country and across the globe. People of all ages have been affected as the world struggles to cope with the magnitude of this deadly virus. One of the most heartbreaking examples of the coronavirus's impact has been in the nation's nursing home and eldercare communities. While some long-term care facilities have implemented swift and vigilant measures following the latest Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance, other nursing homes have failed in their response to the virus. As a result, elderly residents have suffered devastating consequences.

If your loved one has died from coronavirus, and you believe that the nursing home was negligent in the care they provided, a Richmond nursing home coronavirus lawyer may be able to help. A personal injury lawyer can examine the protocols followed by the facility to determine whether there was a breach in the standard of care, and if the nursing home may be legally liable.

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CDC Guidance for Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities

The CDC has issued an extensive list of prevention measures for facilities across the country to deal with COVID-19, including guidelines specific to long-term care and nursing homes. These guidelines discuss the personal protective equipment (PPE) nursing home staff should utilize to reduce residents' exposure to the virus, as well as recommended protocols concerning staffing, visitors, and sick leave policies.

Among the suggested guidelines are:

  • Place hand sanitizer and tissues in residents' rooms
  • Train staff in PPE and require proper hygiene protocols like handwashing
  • Conserve resources whenever possible
  • Designate a place in the facility for residents exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or who have tested positive
  • Implement a sick leave policy and urge employees to go home or stay home if they are exhibiting symptoms
  • Ban visitors to the facilities, with exceptions for end-of-life cases

Elderly people and those with underlying medical conditions are at an increased risk from the virus and thus require extra care to keep them safe. A Richmond attorney can help families grieving the loss of a loved one from coronavirus due to a nursing home's failure to implement adequate precautionary measures which contributed to their relative's death.

Identifying a Breach in the Care Standard for Richmond Nursing Homes

All nursing facilities have a legal obligation to residents to apply the standard of care dictated by federal and state regulations. This means that a long-term care facility must use reasonable measures to prevent harm or injury from coming to its residents. Failure to uphold this care standard can make a nursing home liable if a patient is injured or dies due to the facility's negligence.

A Richmond attorney can investigate whether a nursing facility's negligence may have resulted in the wrongful death of a resident from coronavirus. If the nursing home was negligent in the care it provided, the resident's surviving family may be able to claim compensation from the facility, including damages due to pain, suffering, the resident's hospital bills, burial costs, and other associated damages.

Contact a Richmond Nursing Home Coronavirus Attorney for Assistance

A Richmond nursing home coronavirus lawyer can help you assess your legal options. If your loved one's death from coronavirus may have been preventable if not for the facility's inadequate care, an attorney can advocate aggressively on your behalf to hold the facility accountable for damages. To learn more about how an attorney can help, contact a Richmond lawyer today for your confidential case consultation.

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