How an Attorney Can Help in Richmond Premises Liability Cases

Richmond Premises Liability Cases: How an Attorney can Help 

When people try to handle premises liability cases in Richmond on their own or try to represent themselves, they may have difficulty demonstrating that they share no fault in the incident. The insurance company is unlikely to offer them the amount of money that they are entitled. There are many ways an attorney can help in Richmond premises liability cases, but by applying their experience with cases like yours, they can fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Three Things to Remember After Filing an Injury Claim

The first of the three things every person making a premises liability claim in Richmond should know is that contributory negligence is going to be asserted, so it is very unlikely for them to be successful if they do not have an attorney.

The second thing people should know is that Virginia follows the collateral source rule, which means that if their health insurance paid for all of their medical treatments that does not mean that they no longer have a case. If someone slips and falls, needs a surgery, is on Medicare and did not pay a dollar out-of-pocket, the proprietor is still liable for that cost, regardless of how high it is.

The third thing people should know is that speed is important. If they have suffered a serious injury on someone else's property, it is important to contact an attorney quickly. One thing that attorneys are going to want to do is gather evidence that might not exist months or years after the incident. This evidence could be footage from security cameras, witness testimony, or various other pieces of information, like photos of a pool without proper fencing. It is important to get fresh recollections from witnesses, so the timing of investigation and filing is very important. Most people know relatively quick if their injury is minor or if their injury is serious, and should accordingly contact an attorney as soon as possible to discover how an attorney can help in a Richmond premises liability case.

Initial Consultations with a Richmond Premises Liability Attorney

In an initial meeting with the premises liability lawyer, a victim should expect to have the lawyer ask for extensive details about how exactly the accident happened, what the medical treatment has been like, and what it is expected to be moving forward. Typically, the information an attorney would be asking a client for regarding their case are details about how exactly the accident happened, where it happened, whether it happened on a residential property or a commercial property, and the proprietor's insurance liability policy. An attorney would also look into the victim's medical records to evaluate the potential value of their case.

Learn the Advantages of Getting Help from a Premises Liability Attorney

Going through these lawsuits on your own is extremely difficult, and you may find it difficult to avoid the pitfalls of a case. One of the ways an attorney can help in Richmond premises liability cases is by helping victims avoid saying anything that might imply they share part of the fault, potentially reducing the amount they are able to financially recover. If you or a loved one has been injured while on someone else's property, it may be wise to get in touch with an experienced attorney to get the legal representation you need. Call now to schedule a free consultation for your case.

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