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What to Look for in a Richmond Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer: What to Look For

A good personal injury firm builds strong relationships with their clients by providing direct and personal contact. In many firms, the litigation process is unfortunately very impersonal and plaintiffs are only ever working with a paralegal, never ever properly meeting their attorney. In many other cases, whoever they do have contact with at the firm is not responsive to calls or emails.

Other firms, meanwhile, are very proud of the fact that every client is a partner in the process and that they are part of the law firm's family. Even after their case is done, clients might come back for an annual picnic, and they feel very relaxed when they meet with them. In terms of what to look for in a local traumatic brain injury attorney, you want someone like that—a TBI attorney who will help lay out the road map for you on not only how your case is going to proceed, but how they are going to help in the right direction of getting your life to where you want it to be.

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A Lawyer's Duties and Responsibilities

A lawyer's greatest responsibility throughout the case is to always be candid with the plaintiff and not create unrealistic expectations. In fact, a lot of lawyers learn the hard way over the course of their career how crucial it is to control client expectations very early on in the process by promising either a resolution too quickly or too large of a settlement or a judgment.

The litigation process is a marathon, not a sprint. The earlier that an attorney is candid with their clients about the pros and the cons of their case, the difficulties ahead, and how long the process is going to take, the better off they generally are. In the meantime, what a lawyer should be doing behind the scenes is getting in touch with the doctors and making sure that they have a complete clinical picture.

Oftentimes, though, there are a lot of delays between when a client sees a doctor and when the lawyer requests the medical records. Whether it is developing a medical chronology or a current statement of damages, the whole process could take a long time, and a lot of it is outside of their control. For example, a lot of delays come from healthcare providers failing to provide bills and records in a timely manner.

Specific Qualities to Look For

One of the primary qualities a person should look for when setting up an initial consultation from a Richmond traumatic brain injury lawyer is trustworthiness, because that is going to be a critical part of the process later on. It is also important to ask the lawyer how many traumatic brain injury cases they have handled before, how many have they tried versus how many they have settled, and if they have worked with neuropsychiatrists before.

Traumatic brain injuries are tough cases, requiring a great deal of work and a lot of resources. A trustworthy and competent lawyer would accept that challenge and apply their experience to fight for the justice and outcome the victim deserves.

The Benefits of Working with a Law Firm on a Richmond TBI Case

There are many benefits to working with a law firm as opposed to a private practitioner of personal injury law. The biggest benefit is that a law firm has a very deep bench. They have a host of paralegals, they have top-of-the-line case management software, they have contact and relationships with the top vendors in traumatic brain injury cases, and they provide a wealth of knowledge and experience across their counselors and staff.

Potential clients do not have to pay anything upfront for a consultation. All traumatic brain injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, and even if it is not successful, there would be no cost to the client.

So, when it comes to what to look for in a Richmond TBI lawyer, it is important to find somebody you can trust and build a working relationship with.

“Great law group. Everyone was kind and down to earth. Made me feel like I was their only client. Very attentive to me and my case.”

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