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How to Apply for Workers' Compensation in Richmond

Applying for Workers' Compensation in Richmond

In order to file for workers' compensation in Virginia, an injured worker needs to obtain a claim form on the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission's website, complete it, and then either fax it or upload it through the Commission's web file system.

Not knowing the laws and rules that govern the system can make applying for workers' compensation difficult. An individual seeking workers' compensation benefits could have issues with the process if they do not obtain an attorney. An accomplished lawyer will know how to apply for workers' compensation in Richmond. Let an attorney assist you. Reach out to a dedicated workers' compensation lawyer today.

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What Are the Steps of a Workers' Compensation Claim?

The steps involved in filing a workers' compensation claim are going to either the commission in person or going online to the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission's website, obtaining a claim form and completing it, and then faxing it, hand-delivering it, or filing it on web file, which is the online database for the Workers' Compensation Commission.

Important Information in a Workers' Comp Claim

For their workers' compensation claim, the applicant needs to be able to describe how their injury happened, know which body parts were injured, and list them on the form. It does not have to be a specific diagnosis. Then, the injured worker will need to know what their gross average weekly wage has been for the 52 weeks leading up to their work accident. They will need to know the timeframes within which they have been restricted from work by a doctor. The injured person might need to have medical bills sent to them by their provider so that they can obtain reimbursement for the medical expenses.

How Can an Attorney Help with the Application Process?

A lawyer who knows how to apply for workers' compensation in Richmond could provide guidance concerning all the workers' compensation laws and rules to the injured workers to help them fully understand the requirements and process. They do this in layman's terms so that everyone has a clear understanding of what is available to them in terms of workers' comp benefits.

Communicating with Insurance

A skilled personal injury lawyer could handle all the communications with the insurance carrier on behalf of the injured worker and the filing of the claim and speaking with medical providers to discuss the injury, medical conditions, the injury's relationship to the work accident, and what medical treatment might be needed in the future. They also handle all the ordering of records and bills involved in the case and the discovery process.

An attorney would also help the applicant complete written answers to discovery questions by the insurance carrier. They would prepare and handle the deposition of the injured worker and represent the injured worker at a hearing, mediation, or at negotiations with the insurance carrier.

Call a Richmond Lawyer About How to Apply For Workers' Compensation

An attorney who has experience with workers' compensation claims could help you apply and recover the benefits that you deserve. Having experience is crucial to the application process. Contact an attorney today about how to apply for workers' compensation in Richmond. Let a legal professional assist you.

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