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Colonial Heights Brain Injury Lawyer                 

Brain Injury Lawyer in Colonial Heights                 

Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries can be devastating not just for the victim but for their family, too. Oftentimes, these types of injuries result in personality changes and life-altering effects. 

A Colonial Heights brain injury lawyer can help families of head injury accidents obtain the compensation they deserve to help offset the lifelong financial impact that living with and treating a brain injury can have.

A blow to the head can cause traumatic long-term brain injuries, and victims may have permanently reduced physical and cognitive abilities. The long-term mental impact can make it difficult for the accident victim to enjoy the same quality of life or be able to continue in their career. 

Many times, family members may have to be long-term caregivers for the head injury victim and assist with their rehabilitation.

Colonial Heights head injuries can happen anywhere, from a slip-on-ice to an accident on a construction site to a motorcycle wreck. Head injuries can happen when another party is reckless or negligent in their duty to ensure the safety of others. 

When you choose Commonwealth Law Group as your brain injury attorney, you’ll receive tenacious and compassionate legal representation for your brain injury lawsuit. Call us to discuss your case.

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Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

Most brain injuries happen after blunt trauma to the head, which can occur in any number of different circumstances. Concussions, especially multiple concussions, often lead to traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Common situations that result in TBI are:

These are not the only situations when a head injury can occur; they are just some of the most common cases that the traumatic brain injury lawyers at Commonwealth Law Group represent.

Head injuries occur more often in certain types of workplaces, such as refineries, industrial and manufacturing sites, and construction. One mistake can cause an accident that forever changes the lives of the victim and their family. However, a skilled head injury attorney can help you obtain the monetary compensation your family may need.

The Long-Term Symptoms and Effects of a Brain Injury

Brain injuries don’t follow a straight line of recovery, and the effects of a head injury may affect people differently. 

Physical impacts of a brain injury include brain bleeding, seizures, or a stroke. Some people may experience cognitive changes like the loss of ability to speak, memory loss, trouble concentrating, and even difficulty with higher reasoning. Many people have personality changes, and anxious or angry outbursts are common.

Not every person with a TBI presents the same symptoms, and the severity of the symptoms may vary over time. Medical treatment of brain injuries can be expensive; the costs of rehabilitation such as speech or occupational therapy can quickly become unsustainable. 

Some victims of a catastrophic brain injury may require long-term care in a nursing home or other dedicated cognitive care facility, which is also expensive for families. When your traumatic brain injury attorney estimates your claim for damages, they will consider these points and seek a settlement that can cover them.


Why Do I Need a Head Injury Lawyer?

Concussions and brain injuries often happen because of the recklessness or negligence of another party. The first thing that your brain injury lawyer will do is establish who is at fault for your injury. This could be an individual, like a driver who hits your motorcycle or the owner of a grocery store where you fell and hit your head.

Establishing responsibility for the accident and creating a legal argument that shows that the other party was negligent makes your case stronger. In addition, your traumatic brain injury lawyer will look at the long-term financial effect of the brain injury on your ability to earn a living and care for yourself. 

Experienced lawyers know how to build a strong case to seek the maximum compensation value.

How Much Will a Brain Injury Attorney Cost?

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means that they get paid in the contingency that they win your case. Commonwealth Law Group assesses legal fees that are a percentage of the settlement you’re awarded. If we don’t win, you don’t have to pay us a single cent.

Am I Going to Have to Go to Court for My Brain Injury Case?

Many families are nervous about going to court, and sometimes, the brain injury victim may be medically fragile and unable to testify on their own behalf. Traumatic brain injury attorneys understand this and often seek to negotiate with the other party’s insurance company first or to settle the case through mediation

However, sometimes the facts of the case may come into question and your lawyer may not be able to reach a compromise. If that happens when Commonwealth Law Group represents you, be assured that we will fight tenaciously in a court of law.

Is There a Deadline to File a Brain Injury Lawsuit?

Virginia law requires that a lawsuit for a brain injury accident be filed within two years from the date the accident occurred. However, it’s always best to file as soon as possible after the incident. Witness testimony will be fresher and your brain injury lawyer will have a longer time to prepare.

What Are My Legal Options If a Loved One Died Because of a Brain Injury?

If your spouse, child, or parent died from complications after brain injury, then your traumatic brain injury attorney can file a wrongful death case against the responsible party. Damages assessed in a wrongful death case are similar to those in a personal injury case but can also include compensation for the family’s loss of companionship

Your lawyer may also seek compensation for the loss of the earning power that your loved one contributed to the family. This can help to ease the substantial financial burden you can face after the loss of your family member.

Our Colonial Heights Brain Injury Law Firm Is Here to Help

If you or a loved one have suffered a brain injury because of an accident at work or the negligent actions of another party, then you have the right to seek fair compensation for your injuries. 

The Commonwealth Law Group has the depth of experience and legal knowledge you need to pursue a successful personal injury lawsuit. We take a compassionate approach to representing families affected by a traumatic brain injury, helping you understand each step of the legal process. 

We have a dedicated team of experts to help build a strong case on your behalf.

Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation about your head injury case. 

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