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Colonial Heights Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer in Colonial Heights 

Whether you are out running errands, driving to work, riding public transit, or even in your own home, accidents can happen at any time with little to no warning. Unfortunately, just as there are many different types of accidents, there are numerous injuries someone could sustain, many of which have the potential to permanently alter the course of someone's life.

If you suffered any kind of physical harm due to an accident caused by another person, you may want to talk to a Colonial Heights personal injury lawyer about your options for filing suit. With assistance from a seasoned attorney, you may be able to pursue compensation for both economic and non-economic losses stemming from the negligence of another person or entity.

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The Basics of Personal Injury Litigation

The concept of legal negligence is central to personal injury law in virtually every state and relevant in almost every personal injury claim. A person may be considered negligent if they cause an accident that would not have occurred without their reckless or careless actions. More specifically, legal negligence entails owing someone else a duty of care, breaching that duty, and having that breach cause injury to someone that led to compensable damages.

Motor vehicle crashes are among the most common source of personal injuries, and accordingly the most common grounds for personal injury lawsuits. However, a personal injury attorney in the area can also help pursue litigation over injuries sustained from slips and falls, mistakes by healthcare providers, defective consumer products, and even attacks from domesticated animals.

How State Law Could Limit Civil Recovery

If a civil plaintiff can prove legal negligence on the part of the defendant in their case, they may be able to recover compensation for every physical, financial, and emotional loss they sustained in an accident. This includes medical bills, lost work income, pain and suffering, loss of consortium with a spouse, and more. Unfortunately, Virginia is particularly restrictive compared to most other states when it comes to ways in which a plaintiff's recovery might be limited.

For example, most states in the U.S. follow some kind of comparative negligence system, under which a civil court judge could assign a percentage of fault for an accident to an injured plaintiff and reduce their final damage award by that same proportion. However, a contributory fault system applies to cases in Colonial Heights that prohibits any recovery if a plaintiff is found even one percent at fault for their own damages.

In addition, Code of Virginia §8.01-243(A) establishes a statutory filing deadline of two years for parties seeking compensation for personal injuries, with a number of exceptions. If a plaintiff or their local accident lawyer does not file their case within the allotted timeframe, they will typically be barred from pursuing compensation for that particular incident.

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Personal injury lawsuits are almost always complex and stressful events, especially if you are still recovering from a serious or permanent injury resulting from another party's negligence. Plaintiffs who try to file suit on their own usually have a difficult time achieving a positive case result.

Do not put yourself at a disadvantage in your claim by failing to retain experienced legal counsel. Get in touch with a Colonial Heights personal injury lawyer to discuss your unique situation and put yourself in a strong position to pursue civil restitution.

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