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Burn accidents can cause some of the most devastating and life-changing injuries and even death. The aftereffects from burn injuries don’t just cause long-term physical damage. Many times, being involved in a burn accident can cause long-term emotional trauma. 

Burn accident victims carry both psychological and physical scars and may suffer permanent deformities. Treatment for burn injuries can include multiple skin grafts and surgeries, and often therapy to reconcile the scarring or loss of mobility. 

Burn injury accident victims may also miss work or have their earning potential significantly impacted. This can have a negative effect on their families.

If the reckless actions or negligent oversight of another party caused your burn injuries — whether in an apartment fire, workplace accident, or car collision — then a Colonial Heights burn injury lawyer can help you file a claim for the damages you suffered.

The other party may attempt to deny the claim outright, minimize the settlement offer, or claim that you caused the accident. This is why, if you’ve been injured in a burn accident, it’s so important that you have a burn accident attorney to represent your interests and protect your rights.

The Commonwealth Law Group is an experienced burn injury law firm ready to fight for you and your family. We believe that parties who are negligent or fail to fulfill their legal duties of care should be held responsible for injuring others. 

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The Most Common Causes of Fire and Burn Accidents and Injuries

Our burn accident attorneys have represented victims of many types of accidents and are familiar with the circumstances leading up to these unfortunate events. This means that we know what to look for when conducting our own investigation of the incident and building your case. Common causes of Colonial Heights fire accidents are:

These are just a few of the situations in which a fire or burn injury is likely to occur. You could also be electrocuted at a recreational site, like a nightclub or a hotel, or even from faulty wiring on a boat.

Degrees of Burn and Fire Accident Injuries

Burn injuries can be physically devastating and even fatal. Damages in a burn injury lawsuit are typically determined by the extent and severity of the burns on your body. Burns are categorized into five classifications based on how deeply the burn penetrates into the layers of skin and muscle and if it reaches the bone.

  1. First-degree burns affect the top layer of skin, and although they may hurt, they don’t usually require medical attention. They are about as serious as a sunburn.
  2. Second-degree burns penetrate the top and second layers of skin and will often result in blisters and scarring. Some people may require skin grafts.
  3. Third-degree burns penetrate the skin and can reach the muscle below. They’re extremely damaging and often require surgeries and skin grafts. Depending on how much of the muscle is affected, you could lose range of motion.
  4. Fourth-and fifth-degree burns penetrate the muscle, and fifth-degree burns can reach the bone. These burns are extremely susceptible to infection and are often fatal.

Your burn accident lawyer will seek a settlement to compensate you for the medical costs after your accident, including the cost of any surgery or skin grafts you require, plus aftercare and physical therapy to help you regain your muscle movement. 

Burn accident victims are often at risk for PTSD and emotional trauma after the accident. Many people may develop anxiety or other stress-related disorders. An experienced burn accident lawyer will include compensating you for mental health treatment in your claim.

Scarring and disfigurement often impact the quality of life for burn accident victims. The impact can last months or even years and is more complex than many realize. But you don’t have to go through this process alone. 

The Commonwealth Law Group is an experienced burn injury law firm that provides you with the compassionate and tenacious legal representation you deserve.

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What Is My Burn Accident Claim Worth?

Each burn injury case is different, and therefore the settlement amount that your burn injury lawyer will ask for will be specific to your set of circumstances, including the extent of your burns, the medical care you require, and what kind of impact your injuries have on your life. 

If you experienced property loss, such as in an apartment fire or car collision, then reimbursement for that loss will be included. People who suffer a permanent disability due to burn injuries may also file for a loss of earning potential if they can’t work.

Pain and suffering after a burn accident is common and can be life-changing. You may develop anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. If there’s permanent scarring and deformity, this can impact your quality of life. 

No amount of money can heal burn accident scarring, both inside and out, but the non-economic damages your burn injury lawyer will seek can help provide improvements in your life that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

I Was Burned on the Job. What Are My Legal Options?

If your employer failed to uphold safety standards and you were burned in a workplace accident, then your burn accident lawyer may name them in your burn accident lawsuit. 

Many industries are governed by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), which sets safety requirements to prevent burns and electrocution. If someone was reckless or didn’t follow safety protocols, then your employer may be at fault.

If I Was in an Apartment Fire, Can I Sue the Property Manager?

Property management firms and landlords of apartment complexes and other multi-family housing buildings have a duty of care for the residents. They are legally required to ensure that the building and the electrical wiring are compliant with local building codes and to uphold other safety measures for tenants.

For example, landlords must install sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, and fire alarms in the building, along with private fire extinguishers. Some codes may require that the building have fireproof doors to protect tenants. 

Many properties have strict regulations about what kinds of open flames are not permitted or what kinds of flammable objects are not permitted. Property managers are responsible for ensuring that all occupants comply with these regulations.

If a property manager is negligent or isn’t fulfilling their duty, then your burn injury attorney may name them as a defendant in your burn injury case.

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