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Burn injuries can be among the most devastating kinds of injuries. Victims of a house fire or workplace accident are often left with physical as well as emotional and psychological scars. 

Burns can cause permanent disfigurement and may require multiple medical procedures to treat. Victims may have to miss work for these treatments, and the financial impact of a burn injury can be enormous for families. 

If someone else’s negligence or irresponsible actions caused your injury — like your employer’s failure to ensure a safe workplace or an apartment fire in your building — then a Henrico County burn injury lawyer may be able to help you file a lawsuit for your losses.

The other party’s insurance adjuster, your landlord, or your employer’s lawyers will often minimize the payout for burn injuries or even deny responsibility for the fire. 

That’s why it’s important for burn injury victims to have their own burn accident attorneys to protect their interests, hold the responsible party accountable, and seek the maximum settlement possible to compensate them for their injuries.

Commonwealth Law Group, an experienced burn injury law firm, advocates for burn victims and their families. We believe in holding reckless or negligent parties accountable for their role in causing the fire and fighting to ensure that unsafe actions don’t continue. 

Our legal team has a deep knowledge of safety protocols for different types of facilities, and we can help you navigate the complicated process of getting compensation. 

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Common Kinds of Fires and Burn Injuries

The Commonwealth Law Group burn injury attorneys have seen just about every kind of fire and burn accident injury and are familiar with the different causes of burn accidents. 

Common causes of fire accidents in Henrico County include:

  • Workplace accidents, especially in construction or oil and gas job sites
  • Fires in apartment buildings or other multi-family housing
  • Tanker accidents or commercial trucking explosions
  • Electrical fires or burns from live wires
  • Car or motorcycle collisions
  • Defective or malfunctioning consumer products, such as a cell phone
  • Fires in recreational venues like bars, nightclubs, hotels, or restaurants

These are just a few situations where someone can suffer catastrophic burn injuries but by no means the only ones. Even a campfire can cause a burn injury.

Burn injuries can be devastating and sometimes even fatal. The damages your burn accident lawyer seeks will depend on the degree of your burns and how much of your body they cover. If your loved one died due to their burn injuries, then a burn injury law firm can file a wrongful death suit on your behalf.

Degrees and Extent of Burn Accident Injuries

Burn injuries are typically classified in four degrees of severity: first, second, and third. The amount of money you’re awarded in a settlement typically depends on the extent of burns on your body and the degrees of those burns.

  1. First-degree burns affect the uppermost layer of skin, and while painful, they rarely require significant treatment.
  2. Second-degree burns penetrate the second layer of skin, often causing blisters. You may need a skin graft and will have scarring.
  3. Third-degree burns cause extreme damage and may reach muscle tissue. Infections are common. You may require surgery and skin grafts and may lose some of the range of motion in the affected muscle.
  4. Fourth-and fifth-degree burns typically penetrate muscle, and fifth-degree burns usually reach the bone. These burns are extremely susceptible to infection and are often fatal.

An experienced burn accident lawyer will draft a settlement that can compensate you for the medical expenses you had right after the accident and pay for the costs of extensive and expensive skin grafts, surgery, and rehabilitation therapy. 

Many times, burn accident victims have emotional trauma after the accident. It’s not uncommon to develop anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a burn accident. Burn victims may require ongoing therapy to help them cope with physical damage. A settlement can cover the cost of this therapy.

Injuries from a burn accident are more complex than just blistering and can cause deep emotional anguish. But you don’t have to fight for the compensation you’re entitled to alone. 

Trust an experienced burn injury law firm, Commonwealth Law Group, to handle the legal aspects of your case so that you can rest and concentrate on healing.

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Can I Sue My Apartment Landlord for an Apartment Fire Burn Injury?

Landlords, property owners, and property management companies of multi-family housing units have a duty of care to residents and are legally required to uphold certain safety measures. Landlords must ensure that the electrical wiring in the building is in good condition, safe, and installed to local building codes.

They must also keep a fire escape clear and install sprinkler systems, fire alarms, and smoke detectors in the building. In addition, they should install fireproof doors to protect residents and ensure that all tenants comply with safety rules about what open flames and flammable objects are permitted.

If a landlord is derelict in their duty, negligent, or fails to provide proper oversight, your burn injury attorney can name them in the lawsuit.

How Much Is My Burn Injury Case Worth?

Every set of circumstances is different, so the dollar value of each case our legal team handles is different. Your burn injury lawyer will file a claim for economic damages, which includes your medical care and treatment, plus property loss and wages you lost due to time missed from work following the accident. 

If you’re permanently disabled, they may also file for loss of earning potential if you can’t continue in your current line of work.

Your case will also likely include non-economic damages like pain and suffering. These damages can compensate you for a diminished quality of life or the effect permanent scarring has had on you. 

Although no amount of money can heal the emotional trauma from a fire, it may help provide a better quality of life than you would have had otherwise.

Finally, if the court finds that the at-fault party acted with gross negligence, it might assess punitive damages — financial punishment to prevent them from acting so irresponsibly in the future.

A Defective Product Burned Me. Who Might Be Liable?

Perhaps you have a cell phone, like in recent Samsung cases, that spontaneously caught fire and burned you. Or maybe you remodeled your kitchen and installed a new stove with a design flaw that caused it to catch on fire.

In these cases, called malfunctioning or defective product lawsuits, your burn accident attorney will file a suit against the product manufacturer. Companies have a duty of care to produce and distribute safe, properly functioning consumer products. 

A design flaw or manufacturing problem resulting in a defective product is considered to be a breach of this care. Therefore, the company is responsible for your injury.

Have You Been Injured in a Henrico County Fire?

If you’ve been the victim of burn injuries, you have legal options. We can help. The Commonwealth Law Group is a burn accident law firm dedicated to providing you with the compassionate advice you need and the ferocious legal representation you deserve. 

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