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Henrico County Prisoners’ Rights Lawyer

Prisoners’ Rights Lawyer in Henrico County 

Between Henrico County Regional Jail East and Henrico County Regional Jail West, this area is often home to more than 200 incarcerated individuals. Regardless of the choices and circumstances that put these people into a regional jail, each one deserves to be treated humanely.

If you or a loved one is currently or has previously been incarcerated in these jails or in another, you may need the help of a prisoners’ rights lawyer — especially if your constitutional rights have been violated. 

No one deserves to experience unlawful confinement, inhumane treatment from prison personnel, or other unfair and unlawful conditions. With a lawyer for prisoners rights, you can fight for just treatment and regain your rights. Turn to the Commonwealth Law Group when you need a lawyer on your side.

Our team has a deep and fundamental understanding of civil rights and the Constitution. We also have vast experience in this area of law. Give us a call and trust us to fight tirelessly on your behalf.

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Why Hire a Prisoner Civil Rights Lawyer?

America’s prison system has three overarching goals:

  1. To deter individuals from committing a crime
  2. To punish those who have committed a crime
  3. To rehabilitate the criminal

In their efforts to achieve those first two goals, many prison managers miss the mark on the third and final one. By falling short of their obligations, prison personnel may inadvertently (or even purposefully) deprive inmates of their inherent right to safety, dignity, and reasonable access to healthcare. 

When that happens, the inmate should begin the search for a prisoners’ rights lawyer near me. 

Because of the Eighth Amendment, all individuals within the United States are protected against punishment that is “cruel and unusual.” Essentially, that means prisoners have a right to be free from abuse, discrimination, and racial segregation. They also have the right to:

Receive Appropriate Medical Care

All incarcerated individuals have the right to receive adequate medical care throughout their imprisonment, as decided in the landmark case of Estelle vs. Gamble. Essentially, this means that if you can prove that prison officials have shown a “deliberate indifference” to your medical needs, you have the grounds for a lawsuit. 

Obviously, without the intervention of prison personnel, inmates do not have the ability to obtain medical care on their own. If indifference from prison personnel has left you sicker or injured, or in more pain than you otherwise would be, it’s time to call a prisoners’ rights lawyer near you.

Receive Appropriate Mental Health Care

Prisoners have the right to remain free from discrimination because of a mental illness. They also have the right to receive necessary treatments and accommodations for those illnesses. Failure to provide these types of services is a civil rights violation, and the prison or jail system must be held accountable.

Dwell in Humane Conditions

While in prison, a person has the right to humane conditions. Essentially this means that they cannot be deprived of basic human needs like food, water, shelter, exercise, sanitation, hygiene, and clothing. If the prison or jail fails to meet any of these needs, you should contact a prisoner rights lawyer at Commonwealth Law Group immediately.

File Complaints Regarding Inhumane Conditions

Prisoners have a legal right to file a complaint about prison conditions. They also have the right to take a complaint to court. 

If you believe your rights as a prisoner have been violated by the system, the prison, or a member of the prison’s staff, you should call a lawyer for further guidance. And you should know that you have the right to pursue all of your legal options without fear of retribution. 


Now you have a basic understanding of the rights of inmates in the United States prison system. However, this area of law can be much more complicated and complex. If you still have questions, we may have an answer for you in the list below. If not, give us a call so we can speak directly about your situation.

Can a Prisoner Be Forced to Work?

Unless you have a valid reason to refuse work, you are generally required to perform the jobs assigned to you in prison. Even inmates with disabilities are often given jobs that they can manage. Typically, these jobs are assigned as a means of rehabilitation and can help inmates build their knowledge set, communication skills, and more. 

What Happens If I Refuse to Work in Prison?

If you refuse to perform the work that has been assigned to you, the prison has the right to punish you in the following ways:

  • Putting you in solitary segregation
  • Taking away privileges, like access to a TV or phone
  • Making a note in your disciplinary file 
  • Transferring you to a prison with higher security

Unless you have a valid medical reason to refuse work, it’s best to perform the job assigned to you from the beginning. If you want to talk more about this issue, get in touch with a prisoner civil rights lawyer. 

What Type of Medical Care Am I Entitled to in Prison?

Although you have the right to access medical care in prison, that care is rather limited. Oftentimes, you will not have access to medication unless it is prescribed by your doctor. In serious cases, you may be transported to a local hospital or medical facility with greater resources. 

Can I Receive Social Security in Prison?

Although you do have a right to humane treatment in prison, you should also expect to lose access to some of your rights, privileges, and benefits upon incarceration. For example, you will not receive Social Security payment for however long you remain in prison.

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