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Civil rights violations continue to remain an ongoing issue across the country, and Henrico County is no exception. 

Discrimination based on matters like gender and race carries on despite laws that have offered protection in these areas for decades. In recent years, increasing numbers of civil rights cases have focused on social issues such as transgender rights and COVID-19 policies.   

When your rights are violated in Henrico County, you have two options: do nothing or stand up for justice. When you take a stand over a civil rights violation, you hold accountable those who think discrimination is acceptable and help prevent the same injustice from happening again. 

Taking action over a civil rights violation can also get you compensation for the wrongs you have experienced. 

If you think you’ve been the victim of a civil rights violation in Henrico County, VA, the civil rights attorneys at Commonwealth Law Group are ready to help you fight back. Give us a call today to arrange a free consultation with a Henrico County attorney for civil rights.

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Common Civil Rights Violations in Henrico County, VA

Henrico County has had several civil rights cases that made headlines in recent years. Some of the most publicized legal cases focusing on violations of the civil rights of Henrico County residents include: 

Civil rights violations can happen in various ways. While one individual can be found responsible for violating another’s civil rights, most often, the policies or practices held by an institution or organization are at fault for failing to uphold existing civil rights laws. 

Some of the most common entities responsible for violating civil rights in Henrico County include: 

  • Employers
  • Businesses
  • Police departments
  • Corrections facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Landlords or housing agencies 

A Henrico County civil rights law firm can help you fight back when your rights have been violated. Civil rights lawsuits also have the potential to bring significant compensation to victims, and civil rights settlements can reach five-, six-, or seven-figure amounts.

How Henrico County Civil Rights Lawyers Can Help

Violating a person’s civil rights is a serious act. When organizational policies or employee actions constitute a violation of your civil rights, you have the option of seeking compensation. 

Taking action over civil rights violations doesn’t just reward you financially, it also sends the message that discrimination is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated. 

However, a civil rights complaint is a complex legal matter. Success requires offering clear evidence of the incident that occurred combined with a detailed legal argument explaining which civil rights were violated and how. 

In addition to building a case to prove that your civil rights have been violated, a Henrico County civil rights lawyer will also consider all the ways you suffered due to the violation and argue for the compensation you should be awarded. 

If you’re not a trained legal professional, it’s very difficult to experience success in civil rights complaints. Attorneys for civil rights have the training and expertise that help ensure a civil rights claim is correctly presented and argued in court. 


How Do I Know if My Civil Rights Were Violated in Henrico County?

Civil rights laws protect individuals from discriminatory treatment based on factors that include: 

  • Age
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Disability
  • Pregnancy
  • Veteran status
  • Gender identity
  • Country of origin
  • Sexual orientation
  • Family or marital status

Civil rights violations can take many forms, so it can be hard to tell if one has occurred if you don’t have experience in this legal field. 

Use of excessive force by police, failure to promote an employee due to their race or gender identity, and refusal to rent a housing unit to someone because of their country of origin are all common forms of civil rights violations. 

If you think your civil rights were violated in Henrico County, you should schedule a free consultation with a civil rights lawyer. Every situation is unique, and a lawyer will be able to tell you whether you have grounds for moving forward with a civil rights complaint. 

How Long Do I Have to Take Action over a Henrico County Civil Rights Violation?

In most cases, you have only 180 days to take action over a civil rights violation in Henrico County, Virginia. Depending on how your rights were violated, your case may qualify for more — or less — time than this average. 

This means that success hinges upon quickly contacting a Henrico County civil rights attorney. If you wait to take action, you risk not leaving your lawyer with the time they need to build a strong case. 

Do I Need a Henrico County Civil Rights Attorney?

Yes. You need to work with Henrico County civil rights attorneys if you hope to successfully hold the other party accountable and gain compensation. Civil rights cases are complicated, and preparing for court requires in-depth knowledge of civil rights laws. 

Most Henrico County civil rights lawyers offer free consultations and work on contingency, so there’s no downside to meeting with a lawyer and learning more about your options. 

How Much Does a Civil Rights Lawyer Cost in Henrico County?

Most civil rights lawyers in Henrico County don’t require payment up front. Instead, they’ll usually only agree to take your case if they think they have a good chance of winning. 

Attorney fees are paid directly out of the compensation awarded, and you only have to pay if your lawyer wins your case. This payment arrangement, called a contingency agreement, makes it possible for anyone to come forward over a Henrico County civil rights violation, regardless of their current finances. 

Commonwealth Law Group Fights Injustice in Henrico County

Commonwealth Law Group is a civil rights law firm that helps individuals in Henrico County fight back when their civil rights are violated. 

Our award-winning team of experienced civil rights attorneys has a long track record of success in gaining compensation for Virginia clients in the fields of civil rights, prisoners’ rights, workers’ compensation, and personal injury. 

We offer free consultations so that individuals have the opportunity to speak with a civil rights lawyer at no charge. We’ll explain your options and show you how we can help you fight for justice. 

To learn more about whether your civil rights have been violated in Henrico County and whether your case makes you eligible for compensation, schedule a free consultation with Commonwealth Law Group today.  

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Civil rights laws protect the fundamental human right to live a life free of prejudice and discrimination. If you’ve been mistreated in Henrico County and you’re wondering whether what happened to you is illegal, Commonwealth Law Group can offer advice and direction on your options and what to do next. 

No one should have to experience a violation of their civil rights. When it happens to you, the law is on your side — but only if you come forward. An attorney for civil rights can help you recover compensation and hold the perpetrator accountable so that others don’t have to experience the same treatment. 

Call Commonwealth Law Group today to speak with a Henrico County civil rights attorney about taking action over a civil rights violation. 

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