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Nothing beats a fine day out on the water. And nothing can ruin a beautiful day boating like a boating accident. Due to the serious nature of many of these crashes, boating accident victims often face serious long-term consequences that can forever alter their lives. Fortunately, boat accident lawyers are there to help them recover the resources they need.

Physical Injuries

Physical injuries from boating accidents can lead to months and even years of debilitation, pain, and other tragic consequences. Victims may experience:

  • Traumatic or catastrophic brain injuries
  • Serious neck, back, or spinal cord injuries
  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Burns
  • Dismemberment and amputations
  • Internal injuries
  • Lacerations and abrasions

Along with these common physical injuries, boat accident victims also face significant mental and emotional trauma and setbacks. These intangible harms invariably lead to conditions such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Financial Strain

The financial strain that results from a boating accident can be overwhelming. Depending on the precise circumstances of the crash, an injury victim could be unable to work for long periods of time or indefinitely, leading to severe financial strain.

The weight of medical and hospital care costs also typically bears down relentlessly on boat accident victims and their families. Even with health insurance, the cost of deductibles and copays can add up to a small fortune.

Rehab and Medical Expenses

Initial treatment and hospitalization are not always the end of the story for boat accident victims. Some suffer extensive injuries and find themselves in need of long-term and even lifelong medical care. They also often need specialized care that is outside of the scope of many healthcare providers or hospitals. This is especially the case with burn injuries and catastrophic injuries.

Unfortunately, specialized treatment and care are expensive and often not fully covered by many people’s healthcare policies. The good news is that liable parties who cause boat accidents can be held to pay for the injuries and losses caused by their negligent and unlawful actions.

Disruption of Daily Life

If you have ever been injured, you may understand how an injury can cause great disruption in your daily life. Serious injuries have the power to effectively knock a healthy worker out of the workforce and prevent them from engaging in the activities they must do or love to do. Even a small injury can lead to significant changes and disruptions.

Fortunately, the law recognizes these disturbances to a victim’s life as compensable. In other words, the inability to engage in life in the same way as before an accident is worthy of compensation in Virginia injury cases.

Long-Term Expenses

Medical treatment and rehab are among the most expensive consequences of boat accident injuries, but they are not the only ones. Various long-term consequences plague the lives of boat accident victims, including expenses related to adaptations and adjustments needed to accommodate an injured person.

For example, an injured boat accident victim might need help completing essential tasks and chores around the home, such as laundry and grocery shopping. These costs add up as the years march on and typically lead to overwhelming financial difficulties. Other long-term expenses might include medical device and equipment costs (e.g., wheelchairs and catheters).

Seeking Fair Compensation in a Boating Accident Case

Ultimately, boating accident victims deserve to pursue fair compensation for their injuries and losses. Unfortunately, insurance companies are usually guided by profits, not fairness, in these cases.

Insurance adjusters work hard to pay less than the damage totals being sought by accident victims. Fair or not, as long as the victim accepts the offer, the insurance company is legally in the clear.

Boat accident lawyers, however, protect their clients from greedy insurance companies and pursue maximum compensation. They understand the true value of boating accident claims as well as the tricks employed by insurance companies to convince victims to settle for less. If you are in need of proper compensation for a boat accident, do not forego retaining counsel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Boat Accident Cases in Virginia?

The statute of limitations for boat accident cases in Virginia is two years. The clock starts on the day of the boating accident. For minors, the statute of limitations may be tolled until the minor turns 18.

How Much Is My Boat Accident Case Worth?

It depends on the extent of your boating accident injuries and other factors, including:

  • The strength of the evidence
  • The degree of shared fault for the boating accident
  • The skill and experience of your boating accident lawyer

In general, the more serious the injury, the higher the damages. Additionally, a person’s salary or wage may also play a big role in cases where the injury victim is unable to work. For example, an injured person who makes over $100,000 per year will receive more compensation than an identical injury victim who makes minimum wage.

What if I Am Partially at Fault for My Boat Accident Injuries?

Unfortunately, Virginia follows a model of fault known as pure contributory negligence. It holds that in most but not all cases, an injury victim is not eligible to collect compensation from someone else if they share even 1% of the fault for their injuries.

Get Help From a Boat Accident Attorney Today

If you or someone you love has been in a boating accident, don’t hesitate to take swift action for compensation. You may be saddled with long-term issues that prevent you from engaging in gainful employment and the things you have always enjoyed doing. Let an experienced boat accident lawyer fight for compensation for your future. Call Commonwealth Law Group today.

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