Want a High-Paying Job? Take Advantage of the Skilled Trades Gap

If your daughter or son could get a job without going to college and earn a starting salary of over $50,000, would you want to know more about the opportunity? Most parents would say yes―but many parents are actually saying no. College Costs Continue to Rise For years, high school graduates have been bombarded with […]

National Burn Awareness Week: February 4-8

You’ve likely experienced a sunburn or accidentally touched something hot enough that you recoiled in pain. While those incidents represent minor burns, they provide a good basis for understanding how devastating burns can potentially be. Burn injuries can cause debilitating pain, disability and disfigurement. To bring attention to the danger burns present and offer prevention […]

Does Construction Work Increase Electrocution Risk?

Construction workers face many hazards when they go to work on construction sites each morning – there are trip hazards, risks of equipment failure and potential falls from dangerous heights. In addition, with multiple workers using a variety of electric power tools, potential contact with buried and overhead power lines, new wiring being installed, and […]